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New On Moondance

The Moondance Discussion Forum

Take a look at Moondance's new discussion forum. Gather with other readers and the Moondance staff for lively discussions on any subject. You can jump into any existing conversation, start your own sub-topic or make suggestions to one of our moderators for creating new discussion areas. You can access the Forum here. Look in the navigation bar on the left for links to pages where you can create or edit your own user profile as well as instructions on how to use the forum. We welcome your suggestions and feedback, so don't be shy!

See you on the Forum!


The Moondance Chronicles (archives)

Discover or rediscover the past editions of Moondance and read the story of the Founding of Moondance as told by Moondance founder and publisher, Loretta Kemsley. These Chronicles were an often-requested feature from our readers so we hope you enjoy learning about Moondance's past as well as being a witness to its evolution through time.


The UNESCO Web Prize

We are pleased to announce that Moondance has been selected for an honorable mention in Category I (Free Themes) by UNESCO. We wanted you to know how much we appreciate everyone's efforts on behalf of Moondance and to share this honor with all of you. This honor belongs not only to the staff of Moondance but to all of her contributors.
The UNESCO Web Prize is awarded in recognition of outstanding achievements by artists, designers and programmers in creating websites in the fields of competence of UNESCO. The Prize reflects the cultural and societal importance of the new information and communication technologies and their use in the promotion of the ideals of UNESCO. The UNESCO Web Prize is a sub-category of the UNESCO Prize for the Promotion of the Arts.
Moondance was selected from almost 500 projects. The Jury said: "Moondance is an on-line literary arts magazine supporting and promoting art and literature by and about women. This genuine e-zine is a quality publication that enriches and expands horizons".

Moon Lore, Publisher's Essay

The Wayward Wind

Scientists explain wind as hot and cold air colliding. Those who have felt it on their skin, who know the intensity it brings to life, who have absorbed its energy as their own, would disagree. At gale force, it sweeps away all resistance. As a gentle breeze, it touches softly, inspiring our souls with its velvet caress. When the wind lifts our hair, raising it from its perennial droop to stand on end, electrified and alive, it stirs the same reaction within.

By Loretta Kemsley

New On Moondance

The Winter wind, blowing cool and fresh, brings with it a stirring of the soul. Our imagination comes alive as the crisp air quickens our step, awakening a longing for times past and an anticipation for adventures not yet begun. Come visit with our authors and artists who were inspired by the wind. They earned our Best of Theme.



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