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The Path

by Anuradha Rao

It is a radiantly mellow morning in the early summer. Sunrays filter through the thick leafy tops of the trees overhanging the little path. I try to catch them but the stream out of my fist to dapple the ground in front of me, with a dancing interplay of light and shadow. My feet squish into puddles as I walk. > > r e a d   o n

Life Stewards; Spirits of Invention

by Meredith Young-Sowers, D.Div.

In "Search of Our Inner Beloved it is easy to see love and intimacy as the gift that comes from bonding with another person. It is more difficult to recognize it as a desire for closeness with our inner Source of Love. Either in this life or a future one, our universal search for meaning and stability ultimately brings us to the intimate and tender connection with our own internal beloved. > > r e a d   o n

When The Good Times Ran Out

by Uma Girish

"If ever I do something to hurt you I'll be the first to say sorry. You know I really care about our friendship, don't you?" But I had little inkling of the future of our friendship when Ami blew into my life as unexpectedly as a gust. I'd known many friends but she came to be special. In a matter of days she belonged in the league of my soft, downy pillow, age-worn bathroom sandals, and faded red t-shirt with a bullet-ridden look. When we got together over a vodka or one of her famous mocktails, the mirth simply flowed.
> > r e a d   o n

Spirit: A Woman's Journal and Guide to Discovering and Nurturing Her Spirit

by Paula Ezop

SPIRIT is a journal and guide that will help you get in touch with your spirit. When you actively take part in creating your spirit journal from SPIRIT's suggested ideas, your journal will live and breathe, your journal will become a part of you, and your journal will become your creation, your insight, and your inspiration.

Once you have found your spirit…your strength…your power…your connection to God…there is no going back…only forward…you will continue on your journey…your spirit will dance in the glory of God forever…I have shared what I can with you, it is now up to you to continue on your journey, seeking your destiny, living your dream, and glorifying God! Everyone’s journey is different and as you continue on your spiritual journey be sure to add your insights, your experiences, your revelations to this journal…God’s blessings on your journey my friend…and may you find the light and grow in spirit… > > r e a d   o n

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