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Resembling a nightmarish beast rearing its head from a crimson sea, this monstrous object is actually an innocuous pillar of gas and dust. Called the Cone Nebula (NGC 2264) - so named because, in ground-based images, it has a conical shape - this giant pillar resides in a turbulent star-forming region. ACS made this observation on April 2, 2002. Credit: NASA, H. Ford (JHU), G. Illingworth (USCS/LO), M.Clampin (STScI), G. Hartig (STScI), the ACS Science Team, and ESA
rising stars
reverie by tanja hodge
I took one of her shirts from the shelf in my closet that I stole before everything was taken away and held it to my face, her fragrance still lingering. I inhaled my youth....It lifted me for a moment until the realization that, moment by moment, time was stealing her smell away.
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never-ever by lori gardiner
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what's one more or less by anuradha rao
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