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never-ever by lori gardiner

The drip.
A cocktail of tender words and Morphine.

Personnage Couche 1966 by
Personnage Couche 1966
by Francis Bacon

Mom, by my side
aching to do — to say something
just right.

Many flowers,
many gifts with well wishes.

Supplementary Morphine.

Delirious smiles,
bordered by nurses and the scent of a room mistakenly in bloom.

Morphine cannot support this pain.

I will neverů

I will never-ever
give birth.

Bio: Lori Gardiner was born and raised in Louisiana. She currently lives in Clear Lake, Texas, where she works as an electrical designer at NASA Johnson Space Center. She loves reading, writing, and spending time with loved ones. Some of her influences include Nikki Giovanni, Bob Dylan, E.E. Cummings, Anne Sexton and Margaret Atwood. Says Lori: "Growing up for me was a long school of 'hard knocks,' as it is for many, and these experiences taught me to be a better person, and I believe a better writer." Lori can be reached at:

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