Mystic Dance by Jean M Hendrickson

[Another Perfect Day]

"Another Perfect Day"

In the east, where everything begins,
we are children
in a world of mist and mirrors,

where morning light is transparent
and the fecund earth releases secrets
intimate as the spice of a mother's breast.

Wanton memory from the Garden
curls in numinous air
and with evanescent yearning

we peer behind each tree
to glimpse
the ghosts of our future.

If love is an illusion,
let us use it as the balance point
between life and death.

And when our own sun sets,
and the earth
floats sere and brown

in a galaxy, expanding,
we'll find our nascent truth
and dance with the wraiths we feared.

[photo]BIO: BIO: Jean Hendrickson, a retired professional clown, lives in Norfolk, Virginia on the shore of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.

Last year, she was published in The Powhatan Review, Roux Journal, The Ghent Review, and N0 0 Journal. Earlier works were published in The Daily Press, Reader's Digest, Moondance,, Crone Chronicles,, and Portfolio Magazine. She won the Agnes L. Braganza award for nonfiction and the Christine Sparks Award for poetry in 2006. Her book, Tiny Poems for Women Who Think They Hate Poetry, was released in 2005 by Publish America. EMAIL: