wisdom and knowing

Searching for the Old Woman

by Diane Elayne Dees

In what may have been a random blessing, my hair began graying when I was in my thirties. It started when the shock of hair that was blonde during my childhood summers turned, giving me an exotic, Susan Sontag look that I had never sought. Then all of it went silver, and rather than coloring it, I decided to enjoy it. Then one or two sun spots appeared on my skin.

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The Truth About Crones

by Lucinda Nelson Dhavan

When you get to a state where you appreciate that a good leg rub might feel better than sex, it’s like a race horse throwing off saddle and harness and just running for the fun of it. Being older and wiser, quite simply, rocks.

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by Cynthia Joan Porter

I decided to start my quest where all wise researchers go—the Internet. What would reinventing myself entail? Were new jeans and a haircut all it took? How would I know when I'd made it? More importantly, if I succeeded, would some part of me be lost? I typed "reinvention" into the Google search engine and waited.

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What They Didn't Teach Me

by Kay Sexton

I celebrate the "older" women in my life, not for what they taught me, but for reassuring me that I too could learn to cope with whatever life threw at me even when my neighbors expected me to be able to dance, sing, play cards, tell stories, mind their children, butcher half a lamb, harvest mushrooms, nuts, and fruit and pickle, preserve, and salt them, mend boots, plant a vegetable garden, and–if necessary–help a dog give birth.

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