Un-winged by Carol Lynn Grellas

[Jenday Conure]

Jenday Conure

Oh wild conure who sleeps
here in my heart-winged palm,
your body stretched over
the cloud of my hand.

Where is your song now-
now that I have you here with me?
Am I your tree, your branch-home
where wild cherries will never grow?

But I will love you enough,
enough to match the taste of flush
rambling above green grasses.
Will you miss the lily-orchids

beneath a canopy of trees
where all birds sit and mellow
after their sunlit flight?
Or will you dream of the Amazon,

where giant leaf frogs multiply
above forest pools of rain?
Where red torch ginger blooms
and bleeds into bromeliads,

so bountiful and lush a landscape.
Have I stolen you from rapture-
forced a partnership with me?
And though your cage will have no door

you will not be free.
Oh wild thing
forgive me,
I am as trapped as you.

BIO: Carol Lynn Grellas is a Northern California-based writer. She attended Santa Clara University. She has had numerous poems appear in magazines and online journals, including most recently, The Oasis, Las Cruces for Poets and Writers and Munyori Poetry Journal. She has two poems scheduled to appear in the December issue of Words on Paper and The Pregnant Moon Review. Her poem, Before I go to Sleep will be published in the Jan 08 issue of The Storyteller Magazine. She has published one book titled, I'm Packing Things for Heaven. She lives with her husband and five children who inspire much of her poetry. EMAIL: clgrellas@aol.com