Ode to My Breasts by Katherine E. Faigen

Venus in Front of the Mirror
Venus in Front of the Mirror
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O breasts!
     If you define womanhood
     Then I Am Woman.
Epic chests
     In epic squares have stood
     But you Bernini could never imagine.

Lovely breasts
     I was so young when first you grew
     Ivory apples peeping through my swimsuit.
Permanent guests
     On my body, I was so happy to have you
     Ripening quickly, lush, enormous fruit.

Misleading breasts
     How harmless you were, at first I thought
     Ordinary as my arms, my eyes, my nose.
Loud protests
     From female peers who were distraught
     At the sight of you, half bared in pale repose.

Troublesome breasts
     So cumbersome at times, so… there
     Uncontrolled by bra, or shirt, or dress.
Trials and tests
     A girlfriend's scorn, her boyfriend's hungry stare
     Outdated accessories lacking finesse.

BIO: "Call'd Plain Kate, Bonnie Kate and sometimes Kate the Curst," poet Katherine E. Faigen, from Bethesda, Maryland, is now in the last vestiges of getting her double degree in Creative Writing and French at Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania.
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