a metaphor is not a life by Marcia Arrieta

Woman on Porch Swing
Woman on Porch Swing
Boldon, Gigi
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blue ribbons in wind
taped memories, broken glass
leaves & triangles

in the indeterminate
gather the reeds, the syllables
formulas of the obscure

paint your face
dress in clouds
daydream feathers

suns & moons
apart from winter
to unfold

BIO: Listed in Poet&Writers magazine, Marcia Arrieta has been published widely in Tinfish, So to Speak, xtant, Heaven Bone, 88, Score, Abraxas, Poetry Salzburg Review, Cold Mountain Review, Osiris, Big Scream, Lost & Found Times, yefief, The Midwest Quarterly, the Bukowski Review, 13th moon, California Quarterly and others. Marcia's chapbook, "experimental:" was published in 2000 by Potes + Poets Press (CT). Marcia has also edited & published for poetry journal, Indefinite Space, for seventeen years.
EMAIL: comments@moondance.org