Dissection of a Marriage by Bonnie Nish

Firemen in Holland Shoot Water into a Burning House at Twilight
Firemen in Holland Shoot Water into a Burning House at Twilight
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I dip my finger into molten wax
let it settle on my right index
burn off my print.
I have become invisible.
Wine covers my crotch,
the blood of a miscarried marriage
on newly pressed pants.
I watch your illness devour our life
search for meaning
in the million dollar sunset of your face,
understand the nothingness of being a tycoon without purpose,
the paradox that our riches have sent us straight to hell.
I listen to the sizzle of another appendage singed,
crawl off to bed without giving you another thought,
hope the whole place goes up in smoke.

BIO: Co-founder of the Vancouver writer's community, Pandora's Collective, Bonnie Nish has won numerous poetry awards throughout North America, including the 1998/2000 first place in the Las Positas College Spring Literary and Arts Contests. In June 2003, she won third place in the Vancouver West End Writers annual writing contest. Bonnie was one of three grand prize winners in the 2001 dancing poetry contest at Artist's Embassy International, Richmond, CA. As workshop leader, poetry judge and founder of numerous open mic events, Bonnie has helped bring together The Twisted Poets and Under The Elephant and Zap Kidz Words on Stage for kids, in Vancouver, BC. Her work has appeared in many anthologies including Death and Doughnuts, Undercurrents, and Where is Joey Garcia.
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