What Scavenger Angels by Lys Anzia

Casaro, Renato
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It sounded all the tongues
like Pashtun, Tartar,
Uzbek. Where
mouths run dry
from dust and circles
of remembering. We
lost our names there
on the saturation of days.
Does it really matter who
we are?  Standing
among the rest. Naked
without sleep or
possession? We
hold the shadow in
measured paces.
We step on
perfect stones. We
realize a flickering
presence. God
or something like it.
We dig for wings.
the bones. We
find a piece
of dust, a follicle
of hair, a twig.
We realize now we
are remnants of
something forgotten.
We are lost. We
are all the same.

BIO: In 2003, humanitarian journalist and Moondance magazine poetry editor, Lys Anzia, was selected as a UNESCO creative affiliate for poetry. Nominated for a 2006 Pushcart Prize, Lys also received a 2007 award recognition and honorarium as a playwright for her stageplay, JACKS, covering the private story of Jackie Kennedy in the 48 hours surrounding the JFK assassination, by the Boulder (Colorado) Library Foundation. Her work has appeared in numerous poetry publications from Muse Apprentice Guild, Blueprint Review and Sam Hamill's Poets Against War to the acclaimed international poetry anthology - Other Voices International Project. A searing collection of Lys' poetry, on the tortured life of Russian poet, Anna Akhmatova, is due out for publication in 2009.
EMAIL: comments@moondance.org