Bedtime Stories by Nour Merza

Breeze Blowing Bedroom Curtains
Breeze Blowing Bedroom Curtains
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Ghosts in my bedroom tonight.
A sliver of silver light slips through
Curtains Mama put up years ago,
Shows them click on the stereo.
Airwaves crackle the radio man to life -
Always a man on this station.
Thunderstorm. My eyes milk-white
Watch the rain crawl down like black
Widows from cloud webs. The ghosts
Wait for radio man's voice to pop words
Like firecrackers. I shut my eyes.
"A funny, scrawny looking thing.
We have to hide her from the
Bears. Her hair glows, copper."

The ghosts pull the blanket
Soft against my skin like a body,
Whispering I'll be ready to hear
Him die tomorrow.

BIO: Nour Merza is an Arab American writer and poet. Her family's globetrotting tendencies have allowed her writing to be influenced by places as varied as Saudi Arabia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and the United Arab Emirates. In between reading every book within her reach and exploring Dubai with her friends, she enjoys attempting to make sense of her various social and cultural identities. She is currently studying International Relations at the American University of Sharjah.