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Vin Ordinaire

The Cafe by Tsuguharu Foujita

She came often to the same café, the somewhat plump middle-aged white woman in the good suits and sensible shoes, and though she varied what she’d order for dinner she always had one glass of the mild yet robust vin ordinaire, which she drained. The food was mediocre. The [...]


The Politics of Female Identity in the poetry of Anna Akhmatova and Gabriela Mistral

Much groundbreaking criticism has been written on Gabriela Mistral and Anna Akhmatova. What can I tell you that you have not heard a thousand times? For a long time the poetry of these two women have been reread and reexamined independently from each other. However, there is no study that illustrates the remarkable similarities between the work and lives of these very complex and yet distinct poets. Therefore, a comparative study seems important to bring together the work of two figures, though quite different, were able to negotiate and construct through their poetry similar politics of female identity. Akhmatova and Mistral transform and transcend personal and private histories into universal themes. [...]


Paul’s Night

He watched them laugh. They laughed with their whole bodies, heads back, mouths wide. Loud, open, fearless laughter. It reverberated around the room, bounced off the walls, surrounded him with love, caring, fearlessness, hilarity, bitterness, frustration, all at once. [...]


Writers on Freedom

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” ~ Gloria Steinem

“Lock up your libraries if you like, but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.” ~ Virginia Woolf, “A Room Of One’s Own”

“The most important kind [...]


Reality is Just a Tango with Time

Time is that forward-moving arrow and also, in the freedom of our minds, a gently flowing river. [...]


River Stones

When does the green light appear showing us that it’s go-time, when it’s the right time to allow us to begin the inevitable un-tethering we must do from our own child? [...]


Entering the Compass of Your Life

I am never lost because wherever I am in the universe, that’s where I belong, and so do you. [...]


Sunday Biscuits

Gummy, as I came to call her at the age of two, came from a time with butter churns and trains and hats and gloves. Her biscuit recipe was no different. [...]


Seasons: Ten Lessons in Transitions

After three years of discussing our future, we decide rooting our family in one place is far more natural than moving with the Navy in turns of two to three years. [...]


Chaos-To-Go: Life as a Holy Speck in an Infinite Messiness

Chaos is not new. In fact, the idea of chaos is ancient and, in many traditions, is envisioned as a woman, or, more precisely, a goddess [...]