Staff Positions Available

From time to time, Moondance has positions which are available for editors, artists, writers, assistants, copy editors, and those who are knowledgeable in Web design work. Because all positions are staffed by volunteers, we try to keep the time commitment to thirty hours per edition, published quarterly. Most positions include training possibilities.

Current Openings

Marketing/PR Managers & their Assistants:
These persons would be responsible for promoting Moondance on and off the internet, including press releases and seeking new opportunities.. Strong written communication skills, ability to check and respond to email regularly, and good working knowledge of the Internet are necessary. Previous marketing/sales experience is an asset.
Awards and Web Rings Manager:
This person would be responsible for locating award and web ring opportunities for Moondance. Excellent written communication skills and a good working knowledge of the Internet are essential. Previous marketing/sales experience an asset.
Assistant Art Editor:
The Assistant Art Editor would assist the current art editor with making art selections on the web. Preferably someone with a strong artistic background, an artist or having an interest in art. Must have good communication skills, with knowledge of image software and also have excellent email skills. You would need a computer that is capable of handling graphic downloads such as jpegs etc and be willing to put in a min. of 10-20 hours a month searching the net for original artwork as illustrations for our zine. If you love art and enjoy networking with other artists, this could be the position for you! Rewards are satisfaction of a job well done, being part of a supportive networking team, & experience that will enhance any art portfolio or resume.
Cosmic Connections Editor:
Cosmic Connections Assistant Editor:
Are you addicted to surfing the web? Then these positions are for you! The Cosmic Connections Editor and Assistant will be responsible for locating and reviewing unique websites to add to our already fabulous collection of links. All you need is excellent written communication skills, and a desire to interconnect with the virtual world, putting the "net" back in "internet".
Bookstore Editor
The Bookstore section is one we provide for our readers, discussing books about writing and art that will help them in their creative pursuits. We'll have links to various online bookstores, like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Chapters. We have books grouped by subject matter with a short intro for each group. (i.e. Style books, who uses them and why, plus recommendations as to those used most often) If you choose this section, you will be responsible for it's organization. Moreover, other opportunities arise in the articles we publish each season. Most notably, the Publisher's Essay often refers to specific books, as do the occasional book review.
Archives Editor
This person keeps track of the links as new editions are transferred to old. Sometimes links get broken in this process and need to be fixed or the pages won't load right. Less intensive than the top two. Occasionally a reader, author or artist needs helps finding a certain piece You would work with them to locate it. We have a search engine that is site specific.
Web Designer
This person is responsible for producing a Table of Contents and one page for each article in the appropriate section (see available openings below) section. We average eight or fewer pieces in each section per edition, published quarterly. Responsibilities include coding and designing the chosen section. This position requires good knowledge of HTML (Moondance pages comply to the HTML 4.01 W3C specification) and design skills, as well as being able to work well in a team environment and meeting deadlines.
The following departments are in need of your Web Designer talent: Also, the following departments have additional skills requirements, described in more detail below:
Cosmic Connections Designer
This person is responsible for adding new links to the Cosmic Connections section. He or she will also help make sure any added link is accurate, and verify at least once a season that no dead links exist within the section, a task that can occasionally get overwhelming. We now have several dozen links in Cosmic Connections!
Senior Arts Designer
This person assists the Arts Designer in coding and organizing the extensive Arts Department.
The Arts department stands aside from the rest of the Ezine and has been sorely neglected of late. The Designer for this department is allowed a good deal more creative latitude than the ones in other areas. We need someone who not only enjoys design, but also understands the limitations of an international audience: not everyone has the latest and greatest. Moreover, the Senior Arts Designer needs to coordinate with an Assistant who will also share creative input. The Senior Arts Designer should retain final decision, while allowing for the right to make adjustments if something doesn't work as well as anticipated. The Senior Arts Designer also needs to be very good with deadlines.
Assistant Arts Designer
This person assists the Arts Designer in coding and organizing the extensive Arts Department.
The Assistant Arts Designer's job is one of brainstorming, coordination and creativity. This means an ability to work in a close team environment, good communication skills, and an open mind are a must. Attention to details while knowing when "enough is enough" is also an essential skill.
Bookstore Designer
This person is responsible for adding new books and descriptions to the Bookstore. Generally, the book references refer either to Publisher's Essay, or to books referred to in articles within other sections. A book review may be a good example of such a reference. The Bookstore Designer, therefore, will be coordinating with the Bookstore Editor to ensure any and all possible literary references are successfully implemented, connecting articles to the correct affiliate page on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble.
Please contact Michelle Petit-Sumrall, Website Manager, with your credentials. Please keep in mind there is NO pay whatsoever for these positions; however, they are likely to be some of the most rewarding you ever have.

These positions are excellent for anyone interested in learning more about the literary and art community and the World Wide Web, and those who enjoy interacting with people in these circles.

If you are interested in any of the above positions, please send us a resume which includes your professional and educational qualifications, as well as why you would like to join us at Moondance. Thank you for your time!

Applications for staff positions may be sent to: