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Dream (detail)My paintings are myself and a flow of my inner being. The inspiring force is the interaction of my moods in response to the environment, changing seasons and the romance of my life. I derive great happiness in the process. Happiness has something to do with struggling and enduring and accomplishing. The feeling of happiness comes when a painting becomes a finished product.

Everything around us is an expression of varied selves - creative or destructive. Artistic creativity has myriad forms. Conversation is a fine art so is dancing, singing, storytelling, cooking not to mention writing. Good writing has always inspired me. Possibly, the art of living a joyous life is the finest art of all. My paintings are my creative expression of my love for people, curiosity about the world and the cosmos, devotion to the sublime and preoccupation with evolution of my artistic self and personhood.

y purpose is to create beauty in times when ugliness and crassness have almost become a cult. In my female nudes I paint the eternal woman in her most natural form transcending boundaries of geography, culture and time. In my abstracts I portray my innermost emotions which go beyond words, form and space through the play and amalgamation of colours, strokes, fingertips and touch.

Deep Slumber (detail)I discover new and interesting facets of my artistic self all the time. I play spontaneously with colours, enjoy the direct interplay of colours on the canvas with all ten fingers of my hands. The impact is interesting and the texture of the paintings is exciting! The artist in me keeps experimenting and exploring all the time.

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