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Everglades Medicine Woman Barbara Snyderman ("Babs") lives in Bonita Springs, Florida, and has a 900 square foot studio in South Fort Myers. She was trained in the art of lost wax casting in high school and received further instruction from Kansas University and The Kansas City Art Institute. After leaving Kansas City for the warm waters of South West Florida, she began putting her fine art and sculpting talents to work behind the scenes. She worked with a fine jeweler/mentor in Bonita to fine tune her small scale casting and finishing skills. She soon began to gain respect with local jewelry stores doing custom carving and casting work in her own studio on a special commission basis. Being the artist that she is, limiting herself to the standard commercial design-work was not enough. In the last three years she has begun the journey of applying her skills to her own designs.Woman in the Moon

"In my entire life I searched out the unusual in jewelry, never satisfied with wearing what everyone else does. Now I have the joy of giving that same option to others who want to stand alone in their jewelry selection," Barbara says with a satisfied smile. "There is nothing like the joy of knowing that someone else finds pleasure in my thought and ideas expressed through adornment. My work is more than jewelry it is wearable art"

Barbara’s work is available through fine art and craft shows and in local galleries and jewelry stores. She is a strong believer in giving back. Her turtle series is dedicated to the Loggerhead turtles that return each year to nest on our beaches and she is a strong supporter of local women’s groups and charities through donations of her work given for fund raising. She is a member of the American Business Women’s Association, The Florida Society of Goldsmiths, and Polygon (a national internet network of jewelers and jewelry wholesalers). "I believe that staying current and using today’s technologies keeps you stimulated and creative," She admits. You can see more of her work on her own web site

Artist Statement

Power of WomanIn all my years of studying the fine arts and crafts, I have found the jewelry making the most satisfying. Casting is a fine art of understanding and balancing the changes the metals must go through to achieve the desired results. Sometimes the metals win! This is why I enjoy silver as a medium. This stubborn metal takes four times the work of gold to bring to a beautiful mirror finish. But when you have coaxed the metal in just the right way it will reflect the passion and care you have put into it. This medium takes a true commitment and the rewards are sometimes illusive.

For me the pay off is when I see someone wearing my work and that blush of excitement comes over their face as they show off their new treasure. Most who admire my work comment on the organic feel of the pieces. This influence started in my childhood forages for privacy in the woods of Southern Michigan and times of study and reflection with my drawing mentor.

picture of Babs Snyderman I have been quite inspired by my personal, spiritual and feminist readings. For that reason you will find a strong Goddess influence in my line. When I tackled the Nautical line I didn’t want to take the usual dolphin and shark approach. I chose to work with the deep sea fish, mermaids, pearls and octopus and sea turtles. I really enjoy working with individuals and their favorite stones, coins and special objects to make them into wearable treasures.

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