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Travels With My Art

A Column by Patse Hemsley

"When I finally decided to throw myself full time into the art business, I didn’t really understand how and why it was so important (or even relevant) to articulate the philosophy behind my art......"

Playful Spirits, by Elizabeth Lyle Featured Artist: Elizabeth Lyle

"My art is about being real, discovering the god/goddess within, seeking feeling and truth, and valuing individual sovereignty of consciousness. I really feel that we exist to discover, recover, and understand Love; that Love is the source of all creativity and life, and art is the expression of humanity's divine potential."

Featured Artist on Artist Interview with Elizabeth.

Octopus Garden, by Elizabeth Lyle Phishy Love Connection, by Elizabeth Lyle Cosmic Dance, by Elizabeth Lyle

Brant Kingman is going to be our Featured Artist for Autumn. We are currently accepting questions from Moondance readers so that Brant can answer them in his interview. If you have a question to ask Brant, or would like to find out a little more about him, click here

Desultor, by Julie Lance Julie Lance

Julie Lance enjoys "displaying the fragility and femininity of my feelings on canvas".

Sera ErsuThe Gypsy, by Sera Ersu

Sera Ersu is a member of the Turkish Artists Association of Turkey. She has enjoyed more than 15 private shows and many group exhibitions.

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