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The Drape, by Brant Kingman Throughout his artistic career, Brant Kingman has embraced all that is truly spiritual about the process of creativity. More than imagery, his sculpture and painting manifest his discoveries of how our conscious appreciation of life appears and disappears. Kingman describes art as "...a footprint on the path to wisdom."

Many of this artist's insights have come from gazing at the marvelous textures of Nature. He reveals his love of texture in the surfaces of his paintings and sculptures. There Kingman engages our eyes with multiple layers of relief and color so packed with information that it seems to expand as we examine it more closely.

Brant Kingman It is one of Kingman's deepest desires to nurture and encourage the creative spirit, especially in children and artists. We at Moondance feel honored to get the chance to interview Brant Kingman in our Autumn issue. We are inviting our readers to post questions to Brant by following the link and filling out the form.

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Readers can visit Brant's site at to enjoy more of his work.

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