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In God's Hands Pat Mistretta currently resides in Tampa, Florida, and as an artist is known for the sensuality of her watercolors and silk paintings, as well as the colorful drama of her acrylics. She has studied in New York and Tampa and has been in many invitational and juried shows throughout Florida. She has been commissioned by numerous private collectors and corporate clients. Mistretta is recognized as a “woman's” artist for her sensitive portrayal of the many aspects of women.

Pat is also a writer and speaker. She walked away from many, many years in the legal profession to pursue her dream. As a result of these wonderful changes and her art, she is writing of these reflections, the things she has learned and how this information can help others. She writes and speaks in hopes of spreading the word and sending the message that we all have wonderful wings and each of us is a work of art – as masterpiece.

Artist Statement

Acrylic Bliss“Although on an intuitive level, I have always been an artist, it has only been in recent years that not only do I acknowledge my artistry – I claim it. In getting in touch with who I am, I am more aware of my feelings and surroundings and try to reflect it in my work. The combination of both my feelings and spirituality have allowed my work to evolve into a total realm of sensuality. I try to not only capture, but convey, the essence – the essence of the moment, the essence of the feeling, the essence of the person. It is in this revealing of my soul and who I am, do I hope to provoke a feeling of oneness among and between those who stop for that moment and relate.”

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