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AAA Matilda - World Announce Archive
Search Engines are wonderful things! This internet stop is a most excellent searchable place to announce the existence of your web page across the globe. New additions are being added each minute and users can pick the "coolest" sites listed here.

ACTS Web Portfolio
In Tangent Lin's fine Web site, he shows that he is "Embracing multimedia and the new arts to the web." Originally from China and now living in Texas, this site's author is shown to be a master by virtue of his work. Tangent Lin is a member of the Moondance group.

All-4-One Search (Formerly FunkyCat)
A fast growing URL resource and becoming extremely popular! Search the web, books and newsgroups from this very clear search engine.

All About the Internet
This site is an excellent weekly column for beginners. A history of the Internet with articles about Internet features are given. Some of the topics covered: WWW, Email, Chat and Real Audio Player. This site starts with the basics and is fantastic for those who know almost nothing about the Internet.

Amazing 3D Graphics
This fine site features photo realistic custom 3D modelings, 3D scenes and characters, custom VRML and avatars. Animation services include from full length broadcast quality animations to animated Gif's. They provide web page Design, specialty graphics, logos, moving icons, original clickable images, buttons, backgrounds and more. Check out their Interactive 3D Portfolio.

Animation World Network
Their goal "to be the most comprehensive and easy to use set on Animation related resources on the Internet" has most certainly been reached.
Beaucoup!... The exceptional way to search
What started out as a personal page has turned into one of the top search resources on the Internet. If Beaucoup does not have the search engine, then it probably isn't worth looking for.

Bobby is an easy to use program for creating web pages that are accessible to those with disabilities. At this site, you can enter URLs for Booby to examine. Bobby is created by CAST, a non-profit organization "whose mission is to expand opportunities for all people especially those with disabilities those with disabilities through the innovative uses of computer technology."

This is the Internet Spot for all Bots on the Net including 13 searchable bot classification databases, FAQ's, Current Articles, Conferences, New Bots, Add a Bot, CommerceBots, SearchBots, NewsBots and more.

ClipArt Searcher
The ClipArt Searcher is a well-organized, easy to use search engine that searches HotBot, Lycos and Filez for clip art, icons, background images and animations.

NEWS.COM is one of the first online, free, up-to-the-minute news source devoted entirely to technology.

Communication Arts
This is the world's largest magazine on creativity for graphic designers, art directors, copywriters, photographers, illustrations and multimedia designers. The Communication Arts web site is an extensive online resource for creative professionals to enhance their work and careers. It is also a catalyst for bringing community to visual communications around the world.

Computer Shopper Net buyer
The first one-stop-computer-shopping Web site, this is a free service designed to guide all levels of computer users through the process of comparing the products that most closely match their needs. It contains specifications and pricing on nearly 40,000 computer products in all major categories, updated weekly, Ziff-Davis' trusted editorial, and links to nearly 11,000 recent product reviews.

Creative Good
The purpose of this site is "to make the Internet easy to use". Found here are good explanations for those new to the Internet.

David Siegel's Killer Sites
Here David Siegel will teach you how to create great web sites with examples and detailed instruction and links.

Deja News
This Austin, Texas, company's web page archives a year's worth of messages posted to over 15,000 special interest newsgroups.

Doctor HTML
This is a Web page analysis tool that will retrieve HTML pages and report any problems it finds. This program provides an easy-to-use report of information for improving your Web page.

Dogpile is a new search engine that may actually be even better than the others. Aaron Flin says that he created Dogpile as the result of his search for a better search. As a result, he created a meta-search engine that is both sequential and expandable. It lets you search the Web, Usenet, and FTP. Also, Dogpile lets you set a maximum wait time for your search. This can be anywhere between 10 and 60 seconds. Do try Dogpile !!

Free Animated Banner Maker Page
Andover Advanced Technologies has provided this as a free service so now you can create great GIF animations using a simple web page interface. Here's all you have to do: Select from 18 special effects , enter your text , click the submit button, and your text will appear as a GIF89 animated banner. They are transparent, so can be added to any web page; this page is the perfect solution for webmasters, graphic artists, or anyone who wants to add fantastic special effects to their web pages.

Free Art Web Site
This excellent site presents links to the best FREE graphic, HTML authoring, shareware and font web sites! Download free web art including 3D alphabets, textures, and more. Laurie McCanna, author of Creating Great Web Graphics, invites you to browse through Photoshop and Corel tips, and stop by the Artist Horror Stories and Ask the Graphics Oracle features, too.

At this stop on the Web, you will find a software archive. All software on this site is free for personal and commercial use, compatible with UNIX and/or Windows and written in C/C++, Java, Pearl or Visual Basic. Many different types of software are available from graphics to database management.

At this excellent free online utility , you give it the URL of a GIF and it generates an analysis including displays of color palettes (Hex values and histograms), each frame of animations, and other technical details.

Giving Something Back
Here is a place you don't come across everyday...Richard A. Lawhern, Ph.D. has put together a truly fantastic place where everyone is welcome and "free" assistance is offered. The list of Dr.Lawhern's credentials is too long to list here, but if you are looking for something on the Internet , his background and depth of experience can help you find it! If you are looking for someone on the Internet - don't miss the "Finding People On-line and Off" section, it will surely save you a lot of valuable time and effort. Another Internet resource which you will find at this site is a link to the "Finding Information Forum" at I-Slueth. Dr. Lawhern is the moderator of this forum which is a "free" forum provided for the discussion of information research on the Internet. Dr. Lawhern is truly "giving something back" with this stop on the Web!

Hobbes' Internet Timeline
This web site is a time line of events leading to the advent of the Internet, from 1950s to the present.

InfoWorld Electric
At this web site is a weekly news magazine that covers news in the computer industry. InfoWorld Electric is dedicated to being a key source of information reporting on relevant product news as it happens. Their section called "The Week in Review", provides easy access to important news stories from the past week. The site has discussion forums, and current and recent columns from the most respected minds in the industry.

Internet Address Finder
This site claims to be "the Internet's fastest and most convenient white pages service". Here you may search literally millions of listings for lost friends, relatives or colleagues and add your own listing! You are able to choose from these language options: Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Junk Busters
This site provides an outline of how to handle junk e-mail. They also provide a notice which you can send to those from whom uninvited e-mail solicitations come. This can be published at one's Web site and/or used as a response to junk e-mail.

Juno is revolutionizing the e-mail world -- presenting it to you for FREE! Here at their Internet site they will explain it all for you and answer any questions you might have. Don't miss this!

List Of Lists
Search The List of Lists to find just the right e-mail group for your personal interests.

This most excellent Searchable Directory of E-Mail Discussion Groups is a well designed search site for finding e-mail lists where you can choose from 14 major categories or use the search engine to find a mailing list about almost anything.

For a customized search click the drop-down arrow of "SEARCH OPTIONS", select "match all terms" and "strong match", then click the drop-down arrow of "DISPLAY OPTIONS", select "20 results per page" and "detailed results" , and then click "GO GET IT".

Lynda's Homegurrrl Page
An excellent web resource site, you can rely on Lynda Weinman to be your guide through all the computer wisdom about the web. Included here are web design, links, graphics, color, classes, and much more.

MacInTouch an information site since 1994 is an excellent resources for Apple and Mac users. This stop includes software sources and an excellent list of links.

Mail Filtering Resources
Here you will find resources to help you filter your e-mail.

Monster FTP Sites List
This is a comprehensive alphabetic listing of Internet sites accepting Anonymous FTP;and is a very good information source.

From A to Z, there isn't a category missed when looking for what the Internet has to offer. This is probably one of the best search engines I've seen so far. Easy to get to where you want to go, and best of all, in minimal time.

Missing Link
This is a search engine with a unique twist! Missing Link provides a searchable database of sites that will provide a reciprocal link to your site.

Multi Media and Clip Art
A great site, here you will find a plethora of graphics, clip art, icons,art, sounds, video, and animation.
Netscape Frames Tutorial
This helpful web spot , provided by Charlton D. Rose, is a no-nonsense, illustrated tutorial for the web designer interested in using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), but it assumes knowledge of HTML and basic web site creation.

Non-Dithering Colors By Hue
The site of the non-dithering palette is a set of 216 colors and hexadecimal code that work across multiple platforms and browsers.

The OnLine Electronic Publishing Collection
The Guide section describes most publishing file formats used over the Internet. It provides information on where to download the related files viewers and players: From text and image formats to multimedia, virtual reality and 3D. The Index section provides a comprehensive alphabetical listing of Computer and Internet related books, freely available on-line, and an index of errata and update files to books in print.

Pretty Good Privacy
Victoria Hall Smith presents here the issue of privacy in the digital age and how to obtain it.

PriceScan is an unbiased guide to the lowest computer prices. Hardware, software and supplies.

Reference.COM Search
At this site on the Internet you will find a directory of news groups and mailing lists, as well as web forums sponsored by many websites.

Remind U-Mail
A site that allows people to keep a private copy of their personal calendars on the net is found here. You can then select days to be reminded of important events.

Savvy Search
To search all the search engines, type in your "KEYWORD" and check these options: WWW RESOURCES, ALL QUERY TERMS or ALL QUERY TERMS AS A PHRASE, RETRIEVE 20 RESULTS, and NORMAL format; now check the INTEGRATE RESULTS box and the SAVVYSEARCH button next to the keyword for results.

The Search Beat
Select your general interest and get carried away to your destination by The Search Beat's list of prospective sites. A very nice search engine that will not leave one disappointed and frustrated in the end.
SciCentral is a meta directory of directories which are useful for scientists, as well as engineers. It covers major scientific fields, companies, conferences, journals, data bases and news.

Site Pros
Site Pros state that their "web design service and advertising package are unmatched." Here they present site information, registration, links, news, products, and service.

Drive traffic to your site by announcing your site to the top search engines and directories on the Net. The Submit-It site is very helpful and a good starting point as they auto-load all the info (name, email, http, etc) saving time and finger strokes. Yahoo! may take some time to list your site, but they do look at it immediately.

Tips On How To Search The Internet
With all the search engines available for the computer user of today, it may be wise to find out all the secrets and tips about looking on the Web. If you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of looking on the net, this tutorial is a must. Also available here are some helpful hints to promote your site.

Trackem is a collection of some the better, more interesting search utilities. You can begin your search directly from this site making your search one step simpler.

A fine reference to Internet discussion groups is to be found here, listed alphabetically by description, name, subject, country, and organization.

Versions! Auto Email Notification of Upgrades
Here you register to receive e-mail notice each time the manufacturer of software products you use offers an upgrade They have over 35,626 products in their database.

WalkVersions! Auto Email Notification of UpgradesThis Way
This site is a Windows 95 links and resources page that has over 200 links to programs, resources and tips for Windows. An award winning web site, it has been written up in many well known magazines and newspapers.

Web Style Manual
An expert manual, this describes WWW design principles, such as interface, site structure, page headers, interfacing GIF graphics, and page URL.

To search using Yahoo, click the "ALL KEYS" and "COMPLETE WORDS" options for more refined search results.

Yahoo - Get Local
Browse here for information about local sites in the cities in all the states of the US, even tiny towns. This is "the ultimate in local search engines" and it includes ads, headlines, white and yellow telephone directory pages, as well as driving directions, and city maps.

Yahoo! People Search
This site finds email addresses and phone numbers; you select your desired subject (email, telephone, netphone, government), enter information you have, then click SEARCH.

Who Where
This special spot on the Internet is a grand find for anyone looking for someone, a long-lost friend or relative! The site even contains a School Section through which one can find an old schoolmate, as well as a section that promotes email with people of similar interests. Who Where is definitely a Blue Ribbon Winner.