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Amazon Books
This special site has been called "Book Heaven" for many reasons. One of these is that nestled in this mega online bookstore are many valuable resources. A great section of Amazon Com is called the "Titles in the News" link where you will find a grand selection of book reviews from the most influential reviewers like NPR, New York Times Book Review, New Yorker, Wired, and Oprah Winfrey's amazingly popular Book Club. This is a great place for you to leisurely preview books and find some real gems.

Anne Rice
The World Wide Web site of the very popular American author Anne Rice is found here. It contains an Anne Rice Quiz, a forum, bibliography, contest, a tour, and information about the author.

Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles
Here you will learn all there is to know the well-known New Orleans author, Anne Rice, her blockbuster hit book "The Vampire Chronicles" and the movie made from it.

The Antiquarian Book Network
This site boasts a premier service for finding antiquarian books. The Antiquarian also provides lots of useful information and a search engine dedicated to the book trade.

Art Quilt Gallery
A lovely site, this includes galleries, links, workshops, and lectures on the art of quilt making.

ARTNET Magazine
This exceptionally exquisite site includes the beautiful ARTNET magazine, information about galleries, auctions, fairs, artists, and more.

Arts Page
Arts Magazine is a non-commercial monthly on literature and fine arts, especially focusing on the relations between modern arts and Antiquity.

Art Web
Great site for an art collector or the person who can respect the finer things in life. Get some art tips, buy or sell art, or take a look at their Artist of the Month's display. You'll only find real talent here!

Aurora-Blue: The Lenwood Gallery and Optical Art is a non-profit Artists Project of the Internet with a Spiritual and Humanitarian conceptualization.

The Boston Review
The Boston Review combines commitments to public reason and literary imagination to create a broadly progressive journal of culture and politics. Authors include Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, Joseph Brodsky, Robert Pinsky and others.

Commotion Strange Commotion Strange contains an excellent archive of past news-letters and photographs of Anne Rice's magnificent home in New Orleans, where she writes her novels.

CurtainUp is a New York based theater site with full and capsule reviews, quotes from current and past plays, annotated address book for on and off-broadway shows, as well as special features such as theater-related book reviews articles, to be updated at least once a week.

Cyber Oasisbr> Cyber Oasis is a site for writers who want informed, frank, and detailed information on how to succeed in getting published. Not only do they offer candid interviews with prominent writers and people in the industry, they also offer a classified area for those who want to apply their creative talents and earn cash for it. This monthly publication is must see for the serious writer. Dazzler's Digital Domicile

This is the Internet site of an excellent new professional webzine. Dazzler's is a new home for Science Fiction, Fantasy, Technology, Gaming (and Alliteration). Don't miss it !

This frustrating, complex, wonderful parallel web novel is written by Douglas Cooper. You may get lost and have no clue, but you will find yourself staying up way past your bedtime trying to make headway on this site.

To be found at the Discovery site are original stories, data on their excellent tv channel, a multimedia catalog, navigational aids, and connections.

The beautiful web serial here is built out of black and white photos and hyperlinks. It presents story episodes as well as a mailing list. A friend said, "The story sucked me in and now I'm in withdrawal until the next chapter gets posted".

Waiting to be discovered here are oodles of entertainment news, gossip, and features, topped off by discussions from E! Entertainment television and CNET.

Eighteenth Century Art Resources
Jack Lynch produces this fine site about eighteenth century art, architecture, landscape gardening, and costumes.

Deborah DeBord is a freelance writer, cookbook author, and owner of the Rocky Mountain Retreat for Women Writers. Her web site features sample recipes, retreat information, writing samples and a résumé.

Fiction Writers Connection
Fiction Writer's Connection provides help with novel writing and information on finding agents and editors and getting published. If you are working on a book or a story and need some advice, or if you have just finished a project, but are not sure what to do next, FWC is where you can turn. FWC stresses personal attention as its number one benefit. Open to the public as well as to members, the website has message boards, tip sheets, online and email courses, and a bookstore for writers.
Devoted to professional film criticism, the site now includes over 30 reviewers and journalists.The goal of the site is to be the essential meeting place for movie buffs, and it provides discussion boards, calendars on upcoming movies, videos, and TV movies, box office reports, daily news, and The Store.

At this stop on the Web, you will discover Fortune magazine online which includes business reports, a career center and an advertising section. As well as, regular articles there is a conference schedule for 1998 that includes an integrated series of programs for CEO's, CFO's, and CIO's.

The Fox Network
This special arts and entertainment site provides glimpses of and information about Fox's favorite shows, including, the Simpsons, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, the X-Files, Sliders, and the Millenium.

Heliotrope: A Solstice Journal
Writer Jan Strever is the Editor of Heliotrope, a new journal which you are sure to find good reading.

This is an extensive collection of hypertext fiction and links. Hypertext allows the creator to insert many variations otherwise ot available, such as multiple paths through the same text, multiple endings (and beginnings), questions posed to the reader which influence what the reader will read, audiovisual attachments, and navigable maps.

Amazing, constantly updated Real Audio 3.0 radio shows are found here featuring alternative artists. You may be a sucker for the Smash It!/Trash It! feedback feature.

Internet Greeting Cards
This creative site will teach you to be a card composer so that you can create a personal, fabulous greeting card for your friends and loved ones on any occasion.

Internet Movie Database
Here you are able to search for your favorite actor/actress, director, cast, and more. If you remember the name of the movie, but not the cast or who played in a great film but not the film name, IMDB will solve that problem for you.

Joanne Reid's World
Here you will discover a very excellent site which provides the reader with writing resources, as well as free online courses in Writing Fiction and Non-Fiction. This is a must-see ! Joanne Reid is the Non-Fiction Editor for Moondance

Kimera: A Journal of Fine Writing
Be sure to check out this new online electronic magazine which is a Jan Strever project. Excellence is bound to be found here.

This Burda site offers beautiful fashions for children and adults, as well as many fascinating craft projects.

The Leading Edge
The home page of the science fiction and fantasy magazine produced by an all volunteer staff at Brigham Young University. "We produce a clean high quality magazine featuring promising and established talent in fiction, poetry and art. We take pride in being able to say 'We published them first.'" And you might cross-reference Zion's Fiction here, too.

Log Cabin Chronicles
The Cabin features fiction, poetry, opinion, photography, art, and down-home good cooking from the culturally rich Anglo/French/Yankee communities on the Vermont/Quebec border.

This special site is about the making of myths, with special emphasis on the immortals, holy, fables and damned. Also included is Color Therapy, an interactive art book, and a mailing list.

Needlecrafters Computer Companion
This special stop on the World Wide Web will teach you all there is to know about needlework and design.

N.Y. Times
Enjoy original reporting and weekly features with the New York Times! With free registration for US residents you will have access to the daily contents of the Times and news updates every 10 minutes.

Northwest Science Fiction Resources
Included in this excellent science fiction site are What's New, Conventions, Clubs, Writers' Resources, and Fannish ones, too.

On Line English Grammar

Painted Rock Readers And Writers Colony
Sign up for your guest pass, and I am sure you'll want to get your full membership after one trip through here. This serves as a great asset for a writer, editor, agent, or reader who wants to know how to succeed in the world of publishing. Author and editor interviews, classes taught by published authors, book excerpts, research aids, book store and gallery . . . this site has it all! Anthony Hughes produces this excellent creative resource. It contains a key word search as well as sound files. On Line English Grammar is the winner of the Best Education Site Award.

Paris Metropole
Metropole Paris is a weekly magazine in English from and about Paris with features, posters, original cartoons and photos. Coming to Paris or wishing you were, Metropole Paris is for everyone.

The Peace Cairn
Dedicated to the love of quotations, The Peace Cairn contains an excellent large archives to peruse and enjoy.

Peter J. Sucy's Digital Workshop
A personal page for Peter J. Sucy, photographer and digital artist, this is an Online gallery of landscapes, nature photos, digital images, and 3D renderings.

People Magazine
Pick up your copy of the ever interesting People Magazine right here on the Web!

Petals of Life
This award winning site is an electronic book store which sells and distributes free electronic books in many different genres from romance to mystery.

Poets & Writers Magazine
"The best online resource for poets and writers" provides the latest information for writers in all genres. Their pages contain information on publishing, grants and awards, writing programs, classifieds for literary journals, interviews of famous authors, and much more.

An excellent Internet music resource, Pollstar is a Concert Finder. To ascertain when your favorite musical groups will be on concert in your hometown or one near you, just access Pollstar. All you have to do is type in the name of your favorite artist, your city, or state, and Pollstar will let you know when and where the concert will be. A really great site for music lovers!
A very cool site! Purported as the Web's largest collection of topics, ideas and assistance for school related projects. With the Idea Directory and the Writing Center your project will be aided by over 4000 research topics and help designed to aid the style and presentation of your reports.

Radio Prague
Enjoy a photo tour of Prague with Radio Prague. Learn a little Czechoslovakian history and a little beer culture for some fun information. As well, news, economic reports and sports reviews from Prague are featured.

Schizobeck's home page and writer's forum
From this page, you can access sources for journalism news and information and a forum for writers on the Web, plus other interesting links. Schizobeck's Writers' Forum is a place to submit your gripes, accomplishments or cries for help. There is also a showcase for Featured Poems and Short Stories.

Sewing World
A delightful stop for those with creative talent, this site includes designs to download, projects, and patterns, as well as new products.

Shelves in the Corner
Shelves in the Corner is an honest collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy reviews by readers for readers.

Smile Online
There's a new Smile every weekday. In case you missed any, we offer up the entire week in Weekend Smile. We'll be back at noon Monday with a new one. In the meantime, have fun and remember ... it's OK to laugh out loud.

The Official Star Wars Trilogy Web Page
The only Official Web Page for information on the Star Wars trilogy. Games and informational links lead you through a map of the popular universe.

StoryBytes is an amazingly good site providing very short stories. Very short! The stories start as small as two words. As well as entertaining stories there is a small but good hyperlinks section. A must stop on the Web!

Tangents On-line magazine
Tangents On-line magazine comes from the UK and contains contemporary writings about music and popular culture, from British pop, to Clint Eastwood. An excellent e-zine, Tangents is produced by WWA member, Carrie Mcmillan.

Texas Monthly
Whether you are a Texan or not, you will enjoy stopping here to read Texas Monthly Magazine.

Tir na Nog -The Virtual Irish Cybercafe
This cybercafe has an Irish Mythological theme, and the "ogham pages" take a very laid-back view of irish history. links to more factual information on mythology are provided, and an experimental chat page has been added.

U.S. News Online
U.S. News Online contains late breaking news and in-depth features. This web site includes an easily accessible archive with many color photos, tables, dozens of Real Audio sound clips and hyperlinks to related web sites. USA TODAY Check out today's news at the Internet stop for USA TODAY!

Vandergrift's Children's Literature Page
Kay E. Vandergrift has compiled and linked this well-done web site about black children and their literature to many powerful African American images in books.

Waterstone's Bookstore
A literary feast of books and book-related entertainment with a slick design and a definite style of its own, Waterstone's goes far beyond the conventional bookstore providing numerous interactive features. these include java chat - online debate with leading authors, competition: vote for your 5 favorite "Books of the Century", out of print book search, Waterstone's Magazine, Waterstone's Guide to Poetry, comprehensive book search and secure order facility, best sellers list and a diary of events. A gold star stop !!

Word Museum
Escape to the Word Museum and let the lovely curator, Amelia, guide you through the many rooms dedicated to readers and writers of diverse literature. Whether you are interested in screenplays, romance, horror, sci-fi, paranormal, children, western or ethnic fiction, this is the place for you. With author interviews, updates on new releases, and an array of contest, this site is a must for the literary enthusiast! Writers on the Net
This is an excellent center of resources for writers and aspiring writers, offering classes, tutoring, mentoring, and Writers Groups.

Writer's Toolbox
Here you'll find a diverse and ever-growing collection of Internet resources for writers. Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, a writer of fiction or of nonfiction, a seasoned professional or are just beginning your writing career, you should find useful resources at this site.

Writer's Write
An excellent resource for up and coming and experienced writers. The Internet Writing Journal provides writers guidelines to online publications, writing and publishing news updated on weekdays, message boards, job listings and much much more. Touted as, "The Who, What, When and How of writing," by Netsurfer Digest.

The Writing Lab
J. R. Lankford presents her independent writing workshop operated via an e-mail listserv, including submissions and exercises.

Zuzu's Petals Literary Resource Homepage
This site offers over 2000 links to helpful resources for writers, artists, performers, and researchers. This is also a gateway for the electronic publication "Zuzu's Petals Quarterly Online".

Writing Resources:

Internet Screenwriters Network

The World Wide Freelance Directory

Yahoo's Education Links

Jobs in Journalism

The Inklings newsletter/web page with links for writers

Writer's Resources the Web

Publicly Assessable Mailing Lists- Indexed by Subject

National Writer's Union on Electronic Publishing