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Appetite Network The site of Dining A La Card, this spot on the Internet includes over 100,000 restaurants in 56 American cities where you can save 20% by joining their club.

Arthur Fromme's Outspoken Encyclopedia of Travel Need a vacation but you just don't know where to go? Let Arthur Fromme's guide steer you through 200+ vacation spots. Here, you'll find all the information you need to head toward your favorite destinations.

Brooke's Web Traveler Here is a site well designed for the travel browser and has links to some of the best travel deals around. All links are followed by a detailed description, and other features include Weekly Audio Update, The World Clock, Currency Converter, Zip Code Looker-Upper, and other useful things.

CADvision Internet Tours If you've planned a vacation, you'll want to check this site out before you get on your way. Especially if entering another country. They offer advice on travel, safety tips on airlines, a currency converting exchange chart, and a list of general phrases in thirty different languages. While there, don't miss the humorous look at travel in their NSITT (adult oriented) link they offer.

Dennis' Travel Link Visit the greatest collection of quality travel related links on the WWW! Presently this site has over 3300 links to sites around the world in hundreds of categories. This is a must see before that big trip!

The Enterprising kitchen Welcome to the Enterprising kitchen, a unique social enterprise providing specialty soap products for customers throughout the world from our home in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. Our brand name, CHOICES, reflects two aspects of our social enterprise business. First, women employed in our training program are learning to make better choices in their lives. Second, we hope our customers choose our products because each purchase supports our mission of helping women achieve self-sufficiency and our all-natural home made soaps and bath salts are of the highest quality. (The soaps are so rich that one shower could eliminate your need to burn incense for days.)

Excite City Net Excite City Net calls itself "your guide to the world" and here you will find information about all the top cities, including maps, concierges, tours, and reviews.

Holiday Cards Sending cards is supposed to be fun, not frantic! You may purchase quality greeting cards here, then they will print your personal message on your cards, address the envelopes, and send them promptly via the U.S. mail. :)

Holiday Meal Tool Kit The Holiday site here presents information about recipes, seasonings, wine, cookbooks, and programs.

Home Doctor Information about maintaining and repairing everything in the home is found at this stop on the World Wide Web.

Inside Flyer Inside Flyer is a site completely devoted to helping you get the most Frequent Flyer miles, as well as the best Free trips and accommodations that money doesn't have to buy. Be sure to check out the @5&10 section with the best 10 ways to earn miles and the 5 best deals to use them.

K. Robins Designs A visual and lyrical journey where east meets west: Here you will find Hindu prayers, Chinese goddesses, and Native American totems, along with Greek Mesopotamian, early Christian and Celtic symbology. The heart and soul of women finds full expression in these images. (For purchase or computer aided window shopping, the jewelry designs are beautiful and the website is crafted with the same care.)

Mapquest This exceptional Internet site presents for the traveler an interactive world atlas, as well as a trip quest which will map the best route for your proposed trip from and to any place in the nation.

Movies At Home Movies at Home offers reviews and a rating system to allow you to choose movies. You may also submit your reviews to this site.

The Paris Pages Planned a trip to Paris and haven't a clue about the city? Well, make this your first stop before you take a step into that plane. By the time you're done flipping through their many pages of travel information, you'll have a clear insight as to what's to be found in the City of Lights. Hotels, airports, maps, museums, cafes, transportation, and detailed tourist information are just a few things you'll find there.

Round the World Travel Guide A site of world's wonders, do not miss this stop where you find excellent information about traveling, from tours to cruises to bicycling to sailing. Also to be found here is data concerning visas, health, insurance, contacts, packing, books on travel, and communications.

Smithfield Hams Bring home the taste and tradition of classic Virginia with world-famous hams direct from Smithfield. Experience the essence of Southern elegance and hospitality with their exclusive gift collections. Delicious recipes are also available here !

South American Cybertour Brush up your Spanish and lets go to South America . . . for free! Prop up your feet and let Cybertour take you away with this virtual journey. Follow Peter & Sharon as they lead you through a rain forest or up the Andes Mountains, or any of the other many fascinating places they've trekked. Through their beautiful photographs, movies, and written experiences, you'll feel as if you were right there with them. A real treat for those of you who love to travel!

USA City Link project This is the internet's most comprehensive listing of states and cities in the US, offering information on travel, tourism, and relocation.

Virtual Guide to Belize The small country of Belize has hit the Internet big time, having provided what appears to be the most complete online guided tour of any country on the Internet to date. The site offers four different tours, including a tour of the Mayan Ruins, the National Parks, the towns and districts of Belize, and a grand tour of all these sites.

World Travel Guide This is a great travel site. Also a great research site for anyone that is doing a report or research. Very extensive information on destinations all over the world is here to enjoy.