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AAA Cred-it Clean
This highly useful Internet stop presents a full service repair and restoration package, and are there to help you with the confusing problems of credit. They offer a Free Credit Report Analysis, Free Credit Card Applications, answers to many credit questions, and much more.

About Work
This is an amazing resource whether you are working out of your home, in a corporate setting, or looking for a job. Spend some time with About Work, and be sure not to miss the anecdotes, helpful work tips, and tidbits of information which will make you feel like you're not alone.

Acme Pet
Acme Pet is " your guide to pets on the Internet." Information included here is about cats, dogs, fish, horses, and birds, as well as exotics.

Alexian Brothers Medical Center
A Lifetime of Quality Health Care is discussed here. Hundreds of topics take parents through pregnancy to baby's first birthday; screening self-exams on mental health and addictions; other health care topics include health care information, seasonal wellness guides, pediatrics, heart care information, cancer, rehabilitation, and occupational health.

The Affluenza Show
Through revealing personal stories, expert commentary, hilarious old film clips, dramatized vignettes, and "anti-commercial" breaks, this companion website to the popular PBS show, Affluenza, examines the high cost of achieving the most extravagant lifestyle the world has ever seen. Are you one of the millions of people afflicted with Affluenza? Is it treatable? For a highly entertaining look at extravagence at it's best (or worst), visit this fantastic website!

The Allergy Discussion Group
If you have an allergy, here is a free mailing list for you! WWW users can subscribe, unsubscribe, set options, and search the Allergy archive from the above URL. This site also gives access to the Allergy Basics Center

AMA Archives of Family Medicine
The Archives publishes original clinical and research studies, as well as practical, hands-on articles on clinical topics, technological advances, practice and information management. It is edited by Marjorie A. Bowman, MD, MPA.

Ask Eve ..... anything
Here Eve states, " My goal is to establish a forum where questions can be asked in a non-threatening, friendly, and informative environment." The site is not visually graphic, but it is a verbally-explicit one about sexual matters.

The Aviary
This excellent Internet site is teaching everything there is to know about birds, including Companion Birds and Birding, resources, laws, bird care, conservation, services, nutrition, kids, equipment, books, trips, clubs, varieties of birds, toys, contests, a newsletter, links, and a site map.

Better Homes And Gardens
If you enjoy their monthly publication, you'll love their online site! Helpful ideas for decorating, cooking, remodeling, and more, all can be found at this one convenient location. Also, upcoming mail-issued previews can be seen here.

Body-Mind QueenDom
Body-Mind Queendom offers on-line psychological tests, free psychological counseling, articles on mental and women's health, and a free trial copy of software for women.

Caretaker to caretaker: "Can we talk?"
This site discusses caring for dependent, elderly parents and has timely, free, practical tips for coping with agitation, confusion and much more. This is a supportive new site providing useful help, where you may ask specific questions, submit your own tips for posting, or pour your heart out. Help and encouragement are provided here.

The Cat Basket
Here you will find a fun site devoted to the domestic cat with Cat information, images, icons, cursors, a Cat quiz and links to other cat related resources. A Purrrfect Site !

This cute cats' site is the home of the Cats Protection League, and they present information on caring and shopping for cats as well as funny photos.

Children With Diabetes
This very helpful site contains sections such as: Ask the Diabetes Team, Diabetes Basics, Food and Diet, and a Diabetes Dictionary.

Country Sampler's Decorating Ideas
Want to zest up your home and not quite sure how to go about it? Then look no further, here's the site for you. New and classic home decorating ideas are available with this newsstand publication that now offers a sample of their monthly magazine online. With an informative section on "how-to", you'll be sure to get it right.

"Where Can I get Information about Consumer Protection Laws ? " is answered at Creditech-Your Internet Resource For Household Budgeting.

The Cyber Mom
A gold star stop on the Internet, this great, award winning site includes traveling, decorating, software, recipes, household hints, lots of kids stuff, gardening, book reviews, and a super section of links to other sites.

Cyber Pharmacy
At "your corner drug store in cyber-space" you will find much lower prices and patient educational material. They will monitor your prescriptions and process practically any insurance at "your on-line prescription solution."

DAWLz: For Fashionable Teens
Here is a teen-run site for informaiotn about fashion and modeling. You can access catalogs, articles, and reviews, take a poll, jplay a game, or take advantage of many other fun choices.

The Dinner Co-op Home Page
Don't know what to make for dinner tonight . . . again? Then check out The Dinner Co-op, download some of their recipes, and get ready to cook up some great meals! They offer over 750 of their own recipes and have links to many more fabulous sites. Best of all--it's free! - The Website For Families
Information about all things Mickey and more can be found at this " tons of fun " web page, which provides the latest on Disney books, movies, tv, travel, shopping, and its own starwatch.

Diversity in Literature for Kid
Diversity in Literature for Kids (DLK), a non-profit corporation, specializes in compiling multicultural literature for children. Our anthologies are topic-driven and told from culturally diverse perspectives. Manuscript submissions welcome.

Doctor Directory
Doctor Directory provides the most user friendly, comprehensive, and the fastest free physician directory on the Internet. This site contains the names, specialties, addresses and telephone numbers of more than 100,000 physicians. It even provides maps to the doctors' offices. It has an excellent advanced search feature. This allows you to search by physician's name, specialty, city, or state, as well as by ZIP code for offices within a 5 or 10 mile radius. An excellent resource.

Do-it-yourself Guide to Fixing Your Credit Report
Here you find information on how to fix or improve the information in your credit file, as well as what can't be fixed and why.

The Dollar Stretcher
Gary Freeman presents easy ways to save money and includes a weekly column on family finances, archives, tip, and a coupon site.

The Dr Is In
The doctor is in! Check out the contests, sports news, college e-zine, recipes and more at the official Dr Pepper Website.

Dr. Weed's A Better Way
Dr. Weed presents an expert herbal and nutrition Internet stop with information on everything from children to menopause, heart, urinary, weight loss, colds, Melatonin, and more.

Electronic Credit Repair Kit
Michale Kielsky's information is FREE and very informative, as he teaches how to obtain a copy of your Credit Bureau File, even shows letter samples you can use to write to credit bureaus if you are disputing information in your file. As of January 1996 consumers are entitled to a FREE personal report, ensuring your ability to obtain this information from all agencies reporting on your credit.

ESPNET SportsZone
A sports fan's haven, this web site has a multitude of articles, interviews, live audio feeds, fantasy football, special services, the scores, of course, and much more.

Fair Credit Reporting Act
Take your time and learn the basics of this federal law here. It fully outlines the law and the consumers rights and responsibilities under this act.

Fitness Link
This Internet stop provides the reader with links to sites pertaining to health, fitness, mind, muscle, sports, weight, smoking, books, nutrition, stress, and vitamins. It also has a magazine, newsgroup, and an e-mail list.

Games & Giveaways
This web site contains a collection of hyperlinks to numerous contests, games, sweepstakes, and freebies which are found throughout the Internet.

Garden Escape
A must-see stop for the avid gardener, this Internet site presents for your edification and enjoyment a very special online garden catalog.

The Garden Gate
Everything you need to know about gardening is found here, along with a reading room, internet resources, and its own mailing list.

Getting Real: For Teens
A fantastic website written by teens for teens! Some of the topics covered are Careers, College, The Arts, Technology, Music, Movies and Film. Of course, the Getting Real Crew, has thrown in some Fun and Games to keep the teenager in your household captivated!

Gourmet Magazine
This fine magazine about fine food and travel can be found at the excellent site of Epicurious - the taste of the web.

This new United States government Web site contains a wealth of consumer health information. Healthfinder was started to be an aid to support and self-help groups, and also for the government agaencies and not-for-profit organizations that produce reliable health information for the public.

Health Insight
An excellent health and nutrition guide is provided at the stop on the World Wide Web. It covers discussions of many major illnesses and helps readers locate an appropriate physician near them.

Hidden Mickeys of Disney
Hidden Mickeys of Disney Main Page is your jumping off point for what's new, Hidden Mickey sightings, secrets, stories, contact & travel info, and much more for all Disney Parks worldwide as well as movies, video, CD-ROM, and TV.

Home Cooking
Everything you ever wanted to know about Cooking -- eating in and eating out -- can be found at this spectacular site. Recipes from around the world are to be found hrere, including vegetarian and diet meals. Sections are also to be found concerning wines, cookbooks, and "in the kitchen" as well as videos and a forum. To make it an all-inclusive and exemplary site, Home Cooking even contains a section called Guides to Restaurants Around the World.

JAMA Women's Health Information Center
Presented here by Editor George D. Lundberg, M.D. is a quick review of the current medical literature on women's health, a guide for physician journal clubs or a physician-patient discussion, and a source for reprint information.

Kids Craft
Geared for children ages five to twelve, this exceptionally cute and colorful site includes instructions for projects from Beanbag Creatures to Worry Dolls with lots more in between.

At this award winning site is an alphabetical mega-list of links to both fun and educational sites for kids, over a hundred official Disney links, a large assortment to PBS kids shows, to fun GeoCities sites, Holiday links, for parents and teachers, and links to shareware sources, as well as news of current web contests for kids, and high quality shareware that is downloadable from the site. The site it updated at least 4 times a weekand is UFCWS/ICCP Certified, and registered with SafeSurf, Safe for Kids, and Virtousity's Family Friend Sites.

This is an Internet service that offers a full array of medical reference information, including a digital library, business center, bookstore, organizations, a job site, and much more! A fee may be involved for document delivery.

Mental Health Pages and Pointers
This is a most excellent site where answers to mental and physical abuse, panic-anxiety attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress, and all other mental health problems are answered and linked for recovery.

Mike Rofone - The Roving Reporter
A great site for kids, this is a story series about a character called Mike Rofone who lives in our computers and surfs the Superhighway on the Internet. He has a friend called Indie who lives in Ireland and together they have great adventures.

NFL.COM: Front page
At the official web site to the National Football League you will find game highlights, breaking news, background reports, and tons of stats. There is also a chat line and audio clips form former NFL stars. This site is a paradise for the true football fan.

Net Meals
Actor Timothy Gibbs of tv's Another World has produced this site, which he calls " Your Interactive Restaurant Guide " -- don't miss it !

Online Dictionary of Mental Health
The GBS, with its focus on the development of global psychology, provides resources and news regarding the behavioral and social sciences and related disciplines, particularly interfacing human behavior and technology.

Planned Parenthood
This extensive family planning World Wide Web site presents for its' readers a complete Family Planning Directory, giving exact data about its' centers to make them easily accessible, as well as information on health, pregnancy, contraception, and stds.

Play4Prizes is a FREE daily gameshow, where you can win cash and prizes. A new game is posted every weekday; and for each game you solve, you are entered into the weekly drawing. All games can be solved during an average coffee break; and there are a variety of games to suit your taste -- brainteasers, word games, picture puzzles.

Pregnancy, Birth And Beyond
An awarding winning resource guide for all you soon-to-be proud mama's and papa's. With online links and pointers to organizations in your region this website enlightens us on the miracles and trials and tribulations of childbirth and childrearing

Redbook On HomeArts
Keeping with their high standard of publishing a great newsstand magazine, Redbook is now available for your enjoyment over the web. Stop by their site and read what's new in home, health, cooking, diet, beauty and so much more! You can also subscribe to receive their monthly publication through the mail via this site.

Reproductive Health Library
This medical Internet site discusses frankly sex education, birth, contraception, pregnancy, and abortion.

Self-Help and Psychology Magazine
This award winning site presents excellent self-help articles, a library, Interactive Corner, questions, Psychtoons, a book store, and Professional Psychology Corner, as well as a group of self-help mailing lists and newsgroups.

Self Scoring Alcohol Check Up
The purpose of this test, designed by Robert W. Westermeyer, Ph.D., is not to threaten you with scare tactics, but to provide you with information about your drinking to help you determine whether it is a problematic enough to warrant modification. This excellent test comes with informative tidbits and a few really useful links to Al-Anon, Online AA Meetings and ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics).

Share Guide -- Holistic Health Journal and Directory
Presented here is a network of holistic health resources, businesses, web sites, and articles.

TAG (Talented and Gifted) Teens
For the many gifted and talented teens traveling on the Web, this site is maintained as part of the TAG Teens mailing list. The list appeals to teenagers and young adults who are looking for friendship, good times, and intelligent discussions online. To quote the page: "we're a virtual community... a not so serious place to discuss the up's and down's of being gifted and talented in today's world."

The Whole Nine Months
This site provides extensive pregnancy and child care information, including Preparing for Pregnancy, Postpartum Depression, Costs of Parenthood, Risks, and A Dadis Eye-View of Having a Baby.

Thomas And Deb Shinder Homepage
The Personal Homepages of Tom and Debi Shinder are very interesting, as are the owners.

An extremely caluable resource for those in 12-step recovery or in need of psychological or spiritual healing. Categories include Health and Wellness, Mental Health, 12 Steps, Calendar of Events, and Resources and Links.

VNR Culinary Professional's Resource Center
Gary Holleman's award winning site discusses culinary schools.catalogs, mailing lists ,food and wine, as well as restaurants and chefs. Also presented here is a culinary newsletter, bulletin boards, and their questionnaire.

Veggies Unite
Especially for vegans and vegetarians, this site includes a forum, book list, bulletin boards, recipes, health information, meal planning and composting tips.

The Virtual Health Club
This site provides virtual fitness training with personal training by video conference, fitness info, a newsletter, and products.

Viruses (the human type...)
Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans has constructed the "All the Virology Servers in the World"; it covers general virology, specific viruses, microbiology, AIDS, emerging viruses, electronic journals, scientific societies, patent and On-line Virology Courses with some of the best note sets, diagrams, tutorials and video available online.

Women Care
Karen Lee, an experienced ob/gyn nurse practioner with heart, provides a Virtual Health Clinic all about women's health concerns in a warm and caring manner.

Here is the home of the upbeat, informative Chronic Fatigue Syndrome site and the WWW YPWCnet Newsletter, which focuses on the people BEHIND the illness, not the illness itself. There are also many links to more information on CFS.

Zap!'s Secret Treasure Hunt is a World Wide Playground for children. The site journeys visitors through entertaining clues and characters, leading children toward a most wonderful discovery...The Enchanted Treasure! A Game Room with printable activity pages is also housed within the site.