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Angel Net
A five star site with fabulous colors and animation, Angel Net presents information including angel stories, mantras, exhibit, movies, ezine, yoga, gifts, the mysteries, ecology, dolphins, astrological insights, and the Bodhisattvas. This site gives to the reader both a marvelous mystical experience and a fine example of excellent web design. The wonderful running line at the bottom of Angel Net reads, " dance - play - create -swim - vision - peace - love - sing - enjoy." Do not miss this special WorldWideWeb stop !

Asian Astrology
W.L.R. Cassidy, Life Patron Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute, presents this gold star site " Devoted to All Aspects of Asian Divination " which includes Feng Shui lessons, time study, how to determine the sex of unborn child, the Gyuto Tantric choir, and the Chinese-English Calendar.

Aware Net
You are encouraged at this special spot to "engage in the risk of self-awareness." They present a large amount of information concerning astrology and numerology, as well as the Maya Report, and neural links.

This gold star spiritual stop on the Internet presents " choices for dynamic change." Discussions on consciousness expansion, shamanism, creativity, sexuality, spirituality, health alternatives, personal growth, and transpersonal psychology are held here; and among the visiting professors presenting lectures and readings are Tom Robbins, James Redfield, Julia Cameron, Matthew Fox, Barbara Marciniak, and Terence Mc Kenna.

Crystal Sands
This is the site of Dyandra who states, " Behold! There is magick All around us, " and provides interesting items for sale as well as links to related sites.

Here you will find the fascinating World Wide Web site of Rick Phillips' foundation for spiritual growth and planetary healing. A brilliant and charismatic lightworker, Mr. Phillips works all over the world, bringing souls to wholeness.

Hugh Goh presents this excellent esoteric Internet site that explains all about Chinese Astrology and its use in the scholarly study of the human life cycle.

Earth Link Mission Web Site
Offering Total Enlightenment, Chandra creates a home on the Internet for Messages of Light, Stargate Openings, Earth Changes, Mayan Calendar Wisdom, and much more.

Esoteric Source Providers
The producers of this most excellent site state that "there is a path for all seekers and Esoteric Source Providers' intent is to assist each in finding their own way." Free web publishing is presented here for writers of spiritual and metaphysical subjects, and they have excellent Links.

Welcome to Facade, the first and most popular web site devoted to Tarot, Runes, I Ching, Biorhythms, Numerology, and other forms of spiritual introspection. We have provided FREE readings and information to the Internet community since 1993, before even Netscape existed. Whether you're new to mystical pursuits or an experienced practicioner, we hope you'll find our unbiased approach to divination refreshing and entertaining! ! Gerardus' Grist!
! Metaphysical Melodies -Cosmic Cookies - Space of Light! Gerardus says that he envisions a world in which every human being has awakened to the knowledge that we are the 'Creative Force' in Human Form. When this awareness becomes realized within all of us, Love is the result because Everyone will know then that all of us are One Family, One Being and have One Purpose. Which is to share our abundance freely and love the Self We Are in Human Form...

Innerspace - The Writings of Julia White
Innerspace is defined as "your safe haven for self-growth, inner exploration, and self-awareness." Here you will learn to understand your own personal spirit. This is a blue ribbon spot on the Internet.

Jack Sarfatti Homepage
Renowned physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti presents an exciting Internet site with discussions aimed at proving the very existence of God and a superluminal universe.

Need some advice? Wonder if you're making the right decisions? Hey, why not check with a psychic just to be sure. Readings can be done by Marta online, by phone, or through e-mail. She's a psychic counselor using clairvoyance, psychometry, dream interpretation, crystals and tarot. Payment conveniently made through the First Virtual (tm) Internet Payment System. Messages From the Animal Kingdom
The Spirit-Web organization is dedicated to "promoting spiritual consciousness on the Internet." Among the interesting points of discussion here are the Devas of the Nature Kingdomm extending your caring to all animals, and the information that 3:00 P.M. is a good time for dreamtime learning due to planetary vibrations at that time of day.

Mystic Gateway
The motto of this very fine Holistic Center is " our goal is to help people in the healing process. " Here they present a great amount of most informative material about holistic resources, alternative medicine, spirituality, mind/body, reiki, reflexology, food awareness, healing circles, classes and more.

Moonphase: The Spirit Of Change
The Old Art is a superior mystic internet resource site, which features a chat area and a mail room, and provides extensive information about shareware, philosophy, tarot, runes, the moon, and more.

Moonstruck Creations
Moonstruck Creations presents a full Metaphysical supply, both wholesale and retail, for its readers. Offered at this delightful Internet stop are custom metaphysical gifts for all occasions, including hand blended incense for use on charcoal blocks, custom blended essential oils, bath oils and massage creams, and hand-ground talcs, as well as lovely hand wrapped and painted bottles. Psychic readings are also available.

Mystic Gino's Astrology Hot List
Here you will find a fine list of links pertaining to astrology, including programs to download, rising signs, chinese astrology, Astrolog, and the Mystic Shoppe.

New Age Directory
The award winning New Age Directory is an excellent and informative site on the WorldWideWeb which contains its own library and an extensive set of links. Also presented here is information pertaining to astrology, ufos, health, psychics, earthquakes, and much more.

New Age Net Global
This amazing Aquarian Age Network presents for your edification information about subjects from crystals to ecology to meditation to the metaphysical. Subjects can be searched alphabetically, geographically, and categorically.

The New Age Web
DEI presents an extensive internet site containing a master index of fascinating new age related materials including Astrology, Divination, Crop Circles, Druidism, Mythology, Psychic Phenonemon, Taoism, and Zen.

New Earth Net
New Earth Net is a community of exceptional Web sites that are deeply committed to planetary transformation, healing the planet, and helping everyone to achieve their full potential. Be sure to stop by and investigat their data base, extensive links, as well as the New Earth information on earth changes and prophecy.

New Millenium Awareness
Maria Nehl states here that " knowledge is power and when one has a clearer understanding of this, they can attain their highest and best good, " and presents information on the healing stones, crystals, aromatics, and much more she has to offer in her shop.

Oracle Science Astrological Services
Here is an excellent place for astrological natal charts, forecasts, and relocation charts.

ParaScope is dedicated to investigating, researching and answering those mysteries, rumors, incidents and ideas ignored or shunned by the mainstream media. Focusing on conspiracies and coverups, alien and UFO activity, and paranormal and unexplained phenomena, ParaScope covers those topics that lie at the fringe of human understanding.

Explained and discussed at this most interesting and intriguing site is the fact that "our planet contains many inter-dimensional doorways to other planetary systems os realms. Some are physical, most are not." The site's primary emphasis is on a portal in Peru.

Ramtha's School Of Enlightement
The Ramtha site states that they welcome you to the journey into greater truth, the journey to God within, the mysteries, and the truth of the self.

Salem New Age Center
Andy Lutt's intriguing site presents interviews, stargate opening information, affirmations, book reviews, earth change predictions, and much more.

" An approach to Spiritual Consciousness on the WorldWide Web " is beautifully presented at Spirit-WWW. This fine comprehensive Spiritual web site discusses age-old subjects such as reincarnation, yoga, theosophy, Urantia, healing, channeling, and meditation; and has a spiritual chat room, newsgroups, and book The Spirits Book Home Pages
Found here are many interesting quotes from The Spirit of Truth.

Here you will find their newsletter of enlightenment, tapes, a catalog, free shareware, links, crystals, and talk of the Federation.

Sun Angel Innovations
Presented here are " Articles for the awakening mind ," free Numerology Charts, Visionary Art, and The Spirit Search Emporium, where you will find special products and services such as incense, herbal candles, books, music, videos, notecards, self-help tapes, enlightened travel, and more!

The Wizard's Den
This is a site devoted to information not seen on the TV evening news. Come take a journey into the world of little known information. Here you can investigate Alternative Science, Consciousness Studies, UFO'S, Free Energy, PSI Research, EMF Effects, Psychosocial Manipulation, and more.