Cosmic Connections - Rare Resources

Aarvark's Special Interest Video and CD ROM
Let's go shopping! Aardvark's inexpensive selection of educational, instructional, and informational videos & CD ROMs range from subjects on Academic Studies to Beauty & Wardrobe . . . and a very large selection of everything in-between! Over eight thousand selections, to be more precise. No matter your interest or age, I have no doubt you'll find something here to suit your fancy. Also, if you're in search of a fundraising project, and you're with a school or nonprofit organization, check out the proceeds you can earn through the program they offer.

African Technology Forum
A unique magazine on science and technology in Africa, ATF provides consulting services and networking opportunities, and also coordinates the Equipment Exchange Program to supply much needed journals and equipment.

Alliance For Children
The Alliance for Children is an adoption agency which helps couples find permanent homes for children from Ecuador, China and Romania. This web site provides valuable information to prospective adoptive parents interested in adopting a child from any of these countries. It contains a list of qualifications for adoptive parents, some personal adoption stories, and links to other web sites.

All Politics
TIME and CNN produce this political World Wide Web site which presents news, issues,candidates, analysis, games, polls, states, and resources.

American Arbitration Association
The American Arbitration Association has, for seventy years, pioneered the alternative dispute resolution movement. A not-for-profit, public service organization, it is dedicated to the resolution of disputes through the use of arbitration, mediation, negotiation, elections and other out-of-court settlement procedures.

American Bar Association
People with an interest in the legal industry can search the ABA from this site, explore a law "shop", get information on continuing legal education, join in discussion groups, browse the ABA journal and much, much more.

Ancient World Web: The Ultimate Index of All
At this World Wide Web site you will find an exhaustive and extensive collection of hyperlinks to the ancient world - a boon for any historian or lover of learning.

Argus Clearing House
This site is dedicated to providing a searchable database of information resources on the Internet. Categories include Arts & Humanities, Business & Employment, Communication, Computers & Information Technology, Education, Engineering, Environment, Government & Law, and much, much more!

Arts Deadline List
At this site you will discover a monthly digest which announces current competitions and contests, as well as calling for entries, papers, grants, and scholarships.

Arts Edge
An excellent resource site for the arts, this is the location of an arts-in-education Web site that offers an alphabetical list of AIE grant opportunities searchable by key word.

Arts Net offers important and very useful funding information, the ArtsNet Development Database and links to web pages of local, state and national arts funders.

The National Assembly of State Art Agencies hosts this public website which contains extensive links to both state and local art agency webpages, councils, and organizations.

Ask Jeeves
Remembering the old statement, "By Jeeves, I Think I Found It!", will explain the name of a superior search engine! It is our opinion that this is the first no-frills search engine that allows you to search the Internet in the best way. When you Ask Jeeves a question, he will search simultaneously through all the most popular search engines, providing you with quick an easy results.

Best Genealogy Links on The WWW
This is the best-organized and most comprehensive site of genealogy links on the Net. The over 60 entries cover the full range of genealogy topics, from general getting-started pages, switchboards, and surname databases to country-specific (U.K., Ireland, U.S.) and subject-specific (military history, genealogy projects) sites. Each entry includes a detailed synopsis, a link to the site, and the name of the webmaster.

Here readers will find an excellent aggregation of inventories from 750 sellers of old, rare, and used books in the U.S. and abroad. Michael Selzer, the president of the company, says that the booksellers help keep the Web database current by sending daily updates, about 300 files a day. If your book is not found at first, the database can keep your query on file for 6 months and send you an automatic e-mail notification when the volume is obtained.

The Black
This site carries wonderful articles and links of interests to those in the black community. A variety of topics are covered each issue.

Canadian Politics
Included at this excellent site is information about the Senate, the People's Budget, the Liberal budget, the Provinces, polls, and Greenpeace.

Career Mosaic
Career Mosaic is a valuable site which contains much useful information about employment. You can join an online job fair, post your resume, search for jobs, and even check out employer profiles.

Center for Democracy and Technology
Visit this unusual Internet site to discover "what information web-snoopers have on you."

A much needed sites for all college bound students and their parents. CollegeNet provides an extensive site for researching colleges and universities, including information about the availability of financial aid and scholarships.

College and University Home Pages
Here you will find directions to the home pages of over three thousand colleges and universities all over the world.

The prupose of this excellent Internet stop is to promote a better understanding of the Comanche Indian Nation, its culture, and its language. Presented here are hyperlinks to Native American Events, Maps, Museums, Native foods, and native American News.

Consumer Information Center
Federal Consumer Publications shares their information here about cars, health, children, housing, employment, federal programs, travel, food, and much more.

Consumer World
Consumer World is an excellent aid to check airfare, file consumer complaints, find low rate credit cards, research a law, locate a Better Business Bureau, find toll-free business numbers, and just about anything else you might need.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Job Line
CPB is a private, nonprofit corporation, authorized by the public broadcasting act of 1967 to develop noncommercial radio and tv services for the American people. The job line is a service of CPB'S employment outreach project.

Council on Foundations
This important Internet site offers an extensive alphabetical list of foundation web pages.

Court TV
At this site you can debate verdicts and explore issues, check out the legal help line, elder law, lawyer search facility, Court TV air schedule and much more.

The Democratic National Committee
This is the Internet site of the National Committee of the Democratic Party.

Dictionaries and Language Resources
This personal page is a virtual reference desk for many reference texts that you would normally find in a library. Categories include Atlas, Biography, Dictionaries, Electronic Texts, Encyclopedias, Genealogy, Government, History, Internet, Law, Libraries, Misc., Phone Book, Population, Postal, Science, Thesaurus, Time - Date, Weights - Meas. World Religions, and WWW Virtual Library.

Digital Sojourn
The purpose of Digital Sojourn is to promote economic and social justice.

This global communications directory with up-to-the-minute accuracy contains fax, cellular and satellite phone, pager, BBS, Toll-free, email, web addresses for business, employees, and households is free and really useful.

Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library (EEVL)
Based in the UK, this is a gateway to engineering information on the Internet. Search and browse thousands of engineering resources, plus several additional engineering information services.

Egyptology resources
This site provides prime resources for Egyptological information, with hyperlinks to Institutions, museums, societies, journals, magazines, newspapers and other useful, informative material about Egypt and Egyptology.

Espan was rated by PCWeek as "Web Site Of The Week." Beside an excellent job search, Espan features "Career Companion" which gives you valuable tools to use on your job search.

Ethnologue: Languages of the World
An excellent web resource center. The Ethnologue is a catalogue of more than 6,700 languages spoken in 228 countries. Its Name Index lists over 39,000 language names, dialect names, and alternate names. This is part of the Summer Institute of Linguistics which is located at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas.

EUROPA: The European Union
At this web site you'll find EUROPA, a WWW-server offering information on the European Union's goals and policies. Here Interactive information on the European Union is very clearly organized. The excellent Hyperlinks include The European Union History, Who does what, Union Policies, "On The Record" documents, The Political Agenda - Next steps to integration, Publications, On Line Services, Statistics, Newsroom, Nearest Contact Points, WWW Servers in EU Offices in the World and Governments On Line.

Federal Bureau of Investigation
The FBI presents for your perusal the ten most wanted list, an overview of the FBI and their investigations, crime reports, kidnapping information, and famous cases. (U.S.A.)

Financial Aid
This is a free referral service to help college students learn how to obtain financial aid.

A First Informer
A First Informer presents information about real estate to help the would-be buyer make an informed choice.

The Foundation Center
A fine Internet site, presented here is an annotated directory of Grantmakers on the Internet to assist those who are searching for grants in order to finish their projects.

Gender Issues
This Internet stop contains extensive resources, discussion groups, links to like sites, and related organizations, as well as a great deal of information concerning gender issues.

The Genealogy Home Page
A clearinghouse of genealogy information for both the beginner and the seasoned genealogists, their files include how-to instructions, links to new genealogy pages on the WWW, genealogy libraries, databases of other researchers, commercial services, and much, much more.
Have you ever been so frustrated by pesky sales calls that you've wanted to rip your hair out? Is your E-mail so full of SPAM mail that you're ready to change your screen name? Well, take a deep breath, calm down, and head to now. For a small fee, they can free you of all those annoying solicitations.

The Goals 2000 National Education Partnership
This important web site offers excellent and useful grant description, with databases of states, arts groups, and educational institutions , and policies and profiles of their member organizations.

Grammar and Style Notes
A searchable, alphabetically-arranged guide of grammatical rules and explanations, comments on style, and suggestions on usage's found at this Internet stop. While many of these rules are not concrete, all may be useful in making your writing clearer and more effective.

Guide for Educators
This site is concerned with educational curriculum and the enhancement methodology used by teachers. It offers references to other sites which specialize in similar subject areas.

Hieros Gamos
This Internet stop contains over 12,000 pages of legal reference to organization, data bases, experts, seminars, practice areas, discussion groups, doing-business guides, and more. This site is in German, Spanish, French, Italian, and English.

Homework Help
The Star Tribune presents a most excellent Online site, titled Homework Help. This is a fine resource Internet spot, the purpose of which is to assist elementary, middle-school, and high school students with their academic lessons. It also contains an extensive list of links to help the school children with their work.

Human Rights Library
The University of Minnesota Human Rights Library contains a huge collection of treaties and other instruments, including comments, recommendations, decisions, advisory opinions, material on human rights all over the world, education materials, bibliographies, and links.

I Mall Classified Advertising
Currently almost nine thousand classified advertisements are to be found at this stop for free ads.

Ian's Fabulous Freebies Archive
This is the place for finding current information about " tons of free stuff," and Ian's Fabulous Freebies Archive also links you to a multitude of sites all over the Net that that have free offerings for you.

IBM Patent Server
From here, IBM lets you access U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) patent descriptions from as far back as 1971, as well as for the last seventeen years of images. Options let you search, retrieve and study over two million patents.

Info-Junkie gathers the current national, technical, financial, and entertainment news from the best content sites on the web and organizes them in one location so you stay informed.

Intellimatch Job Search
Here you will find the Internet's # 1 service for matching job seekers and employers, with information about resumes, and a career center as well as a hot jobs database.

Latin World
Information is found here about companies, culture, organizations, and travel throughout Latin America.

'Lectric Law Library
This is a wonderful site for a judge, attorney, law sudent, or even the laymen who want to be well informed about our law today. Ralf, the library's Head Librarian, will guide you through this site on a delightful tour. He's bound to make you chuckle, but don't let his sense of humor fool you, this is a very serious, informative site.

Mapping Your Future
At this site you will find everything students, families and financial aid professionals need to know about career planning, school selection and college funding. It is a public service project of guarantee agencies who participate in the Federal Family Education Loan Program and are committed to providing information about higher education and career opportunities. The site offers visitors information on planning a career, selecting a school, and paying for an education.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Here you can hunt for a definition, pronunciation, etymology, spelling, or usage point in the WWWebster Dictionary. Features include Word of the Day, transcripts of the Word for the Wise radio program, and also Merriam-Webster's OnLine Bookstore.

Morningstar is a bundle of mutual fund wisdom. If you are interested in investing in mutual funds, you will find this to be one of the best mutual fund resources on the Internet! Their web site allows you to sift through a great deal of information about stocks and mutual funds so that you can make more informed decisions about investing your money.

Multimedia Marketing Group's WebStep Top 100
This site is the very popular WebStep TOP 100, which is a free index of the best free places to list your website. You can use the hyperlinks in this index to go directly to the appropriate registration page of each resource listed. An excellent resources!

NPR Online
This web site is the home of National Public Radio and includes programming information and special sections such as the "Pronunciation, Usage and Grammar".

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
This clearinghouse for safety information offers several different categories from which to choose. These categories includes vehicle and equipment information on Safety Problems & Issues, Testing Results, Regulations & Standards, and Research & Development.

Native American Indian Resources
At this Web site you will find more than three hundred sites which contain Native American Indian information. Native astronomy, herbal knowledge, traditional foods, health and nutrition are only a small sampling of the resources here.

Native Web
David Cole at Syracuse University provides an excellent cyber-place on the World Wide Web for the earth's Indigenous peoples.

Neill Online
This site offers a free service with 24 hour news, sports, weather, Usenet newsgroups, search engines, Live Chat, real estate, business information, and reference links.

n e t w o r k s . o r g
United Networks is one is the largest "User Groups" on the Internet. With their unique membership they are able to create the ultimate resource and they have many services available.

Never Forget
This unusual free Internet e-mail reminder service makes sure that you will " never forget another important date " when you receive their reminders about birthdays, anniversaries, and all your special days.

The New York Times
Pull up a comfortable chair, put your pointer on this special site, and enjoy reading one of the premier newspapers in the U.S.

NewsLinx brings together all the best news of the Internet into one easy-to-read area. This is a great place to find about new product releases, important Internet News, and all the latest information.

Newspaper Mania North American Edition
At this stop on the Web you will find over 1,380 newspapers from around the world. The site is updated daily. All the reader has to do is pick a city, state or country, select a newspaper and you can learn all the news from there.

Online Dictionaries
This site offers extensive dictionaries, grammar references, and thesauri for all the known languages.

Pacific News Service : Jinn
Jinn , The Genie Of The Culture: The View From the Pacific, is a biweekly online magazine, founded in 1970, with an interesting mix of international writers, scholars, journalists and new young voices .

Parrot's Online Media Directories
At this Web site is found a directory of U.S. television, cable, newspaper and radio stations with phone and fax numbers, mailing and shipping addresses. It also includes the names of station and newspaper executives, Nielsen market data, and more. Parrot Media Network say that they are your quickest, most up-to-date source of information on the media.

Political Science Resources
This web site is a gateway to various hyperlinks relevant to political science items. There are bibliographic tools, journals, magazines, newspapers, collections of social, economic and other data sources.

Positive Impressions Homepage
The Internet home of Positive Impressions is a dependable source for imprinted promotional items, gifts, recognition awards and more! For trade shows, direct mail programs, employee incentive programs, corporate gift catalogs, premium programs, sales meeting gifts and thousands of promotional items Positive Impressions says that you can look to them for quality merchandise, competitive pricing and superior service. They also offer fulfillment, graphics services, logo development and can source any item both domestically and overseas.

Reference Dictionaries
Here you will find hyperlinks to many reference dictionaries, including American Sign Language Terms, dictionaries in many foreign and artificial languages, as well as to thesauri and other on-line references. Included are a Pronouncing Dictionary, Rhyming Dictionary, Roget's Thesaurus, a listing on-line dictionaries and glossaries by subject, The World-Wide Acronym and Abbreviation Server, Webster's Dictionary , WordNet - every writer will love this, and Coordinate Sisters.

Relocation Central: The Online Guide for People on the Move
Here you will discover an excellent nationwide source containing the latest relocation information for the home or corporate move organized by city and categories of interest from apartments to zoos.

The Republican National Committee
An extensive amount of information about the Republican Party is to be found at this site. (U.S.A.)

This is an excellent research tool site which includes an 1.English Dictionary: Each word of the definition is itself a link to the definition of that word; 2. Computing Dictionary; 3. Thesaurus...Rogets; 4. Acronym to Words/Words to Acronym; 5. Quotations;and 6. Translators: French/English, English/French, Japanese/English, English/Japanese. Also presented are 1. Search of the King James Bible: Religion; 2. Geographical Tools: Maps, Facts(CIA Factbook) ; 3. Telephone: area codes, 800 directory; 4. Financial: Currency Exchange Table, Stock Ticker Symbols, Stock Quotes; and 5. Shipping/Mailing: postal zip codes, UPS Tracking, FedEx Tracking.

This fun interactive site presents a large list of retirement communities, pen pals program, health and social issues, recipes, jokes, travel links, and more. The aim of Retire.Net is to be the most comprehensive, cutting edge retirement resource on the internet. Interactivity and fun is a big part of what is included on

Search more than 150,000 entertainment resources on the web. This includes 5 years of studio briefing news archives, more than 2,000 entertainment and media contacts and the international product guide.

Suite 101
If you have hours to kill, do your murdering here! This is a phenomenal site, and I applaud those who have worked so hard to create such an informative site. Check out articles about history, business, health, recreation, poetry, science, politics, computer, gardening, music, and much, much, much more! Sign up for their free membership! Personally marked this one in my favorite places, and I plan to return every chance I get.

Thematic Mapping
At this web site you'll find sophisticated mapping software making it possible for you to build maps that color-code counties based on population, lowest median rents or several other factors from any one of the 50 states.

THOR +: The Virtual Reference Desk
Access a vast variety of materials and sevices at this Virtual Reference Desk for the Purdue University Libraries. Links also provide information about the university itself and other services provided on the Internet.

Totally Free Stuff
An amazing site, Totally Free Stuff has exactly what it says. Here you will find offers for free posters, stickers, gifts, video, samples, computer stuff, contests, and more.

Trinidad and Tobago -- Internet Express Newspapers
At this web site you will find the latest news from Trinidad, Tobago and the Caribbean, with hyperlinks to other sources in the Caribbean.

Harvard University
Harvard University has an extensive site, which even includes a Food & Lodging section if you intend to visit. The Grants & Research section is extensive and provides information on the rules and guidelines for participation. Do not miss a visit to their marvelous museums.

University of California at Berkley
The Internet site of Cal Berkeley contains a plethora of Library and Museum information. The Student Information section has everything you want to know about enrolling and what is available to the prospective student.

The University of Milan
 &nbsop;     (Italian)
The University of Milan offers both an English and Italian version. Here you can search the Library for the entire book catalogue. Do not miss their extensive Research section. Many of their departments that are on the web for your perusal and enjoyment.

The University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame's site has all you want to know. The visitor can click on Academics and then Libraries to access mass information databases. The site also includes class listing, admissions, and athletic information.

The US All Media Jumpstation
Direct Contact Publishing's comprehensive media guide to more than 3,000 magazines, professional journals, trade & consumer publications! This site is a huge links repository to over 3000 magazines listed by categories. If you're looking for a magazine's Web site there's a good chance it's listed there and if you are just looking for information on a particular topic, take a look there, you'll surely find something useful.

US Postal Service
The United States Postal Service web site has a great new look. It is now easy to find correct zip codes and track express mail. There is also some interesting information about new stamp releases.

Vote Smart Web
This excellent political site contains information pertinent to the Presidential and Congressional elections, Politics on the Web, The States, and Project Vote Smart.

Here you will find a one stop access to library and publisher catalogues on the World Wide Web.

Web Concordances
The definition of a concordance is "a comprehensive index of words used in a text or a body of texts". This concordance is to be used mainly for literary studies. The index shows all usages of a word, making this site useful for comparing contexts to gain insight into meanings. Additional usefulness is found for legal and philosophical studies, as well as for finding crossreferences in intranets and in research activities.

Where to Search and How?
This web site is designed for your general search needs with quick stops to find out how to find a person, a company's web page, a zip code, track a UPS or FedEx shipment, get a stock quote, track mutual funds, get information on American Demographics, and find out what's going on in Congress.

Wolf's Den
This Internet site contains an excellent resource center for Native American Indians and their study. On-line Employment Resources

Included on the Internet are many employment sites. This is a listing of multiple on-line job hunting sites with a variety of career opportunities all over the world. There are many interesting features at these sites, such as audio enhancements and very good "how-to" advice. America's Job Bank
Arkansas Employment Register
AZWeb Jobs Page
Best Jobs in The USA Today
Career Mosaic
The Careers Page from J. Edgar & Associates
Carreer Resources@Job-Bank U.S.A.
Career Resource Center -CareerNET
CareerWEB - jobs, employment, and careers
Commonwealth Jobsearch (Canada)
Computer Jobs in Israel
DISA Job Opportunity Announcements
Eastern & Central European Job Bank
Employment Opportunities in Australia
Federal Times/Jobs
Federal Times Online: Jobs and Pay
Hospitality Industry Careers - Hotel Jobs
HotWired: HotJobs
Information System Jobs
Infotech Weekly: New Zealand Jobs
Interactive Employment Network
Job & Grant Information
JobHunt: Meta-List
Jobs for Senior Citizens
Massachusettts Job Search
Medical Health Care Job Openings
The Monster Board
NACCB Job Board & Resume Bank
: computer consulting, contracting jobs, employment, technical, consult careers, & human resources. NCS Career Magazine
Net-Temps Agencies of The Word Wide Web
News jobs
NJ JOBS Home Page
North Carolina Career & Employment Resource Center
Online Career Center
Office of Personnel Management Federal Jobs Library
Other Job Resources on the Web
Philadelphia News Sunday Classified Ads
Professional Opportunities in Defense & Aerospace
The Riley Guide--employment resources on the Internet
South Dakota Job Bank & Search
Space Jobs - employment in the Space Industry
Summer Jobs
TOPjobs(tm) USA by DiSX
Welcome to RX Traveling Nurses