Cosmic Connections - Woman Word

Advancing Women
"Discussing women in the workplace, communication international, Web, finances and news" is the purpose of Advancing Women, an excellent, award winning site produced by Gretchen Glasscock.

Amazon City
At this stop, "the first city for women on the Internet" you can enjoy the cafe, newsstand, and much more.

We are an International Listings Magazine for Women on the Internet, publishing free listings for women's groups/ studies/resources offered & wanted/ events. We also publish news about and for women around the world.

This is a fine study of women and gender in the ancient world with writings from Cicero and Plutarch, Biblical Studies, Persons, Essays, an Anthology, and a Bibliography.

Eva Isaksson's List of Lesbian Lists
Here you find a long, alphabetized list of lesbian-related links.

Fabulous Net Women
Look at this Fabulous Net Women spot to discover a great list of links to women's internet sites.

This special site presents a Web search for the female Internet visitor.

Stephanie Walker produces here an expert site for "women's resources on the Web."

Feminist Majority Foundation Online
Visitors to the information centers on the 911 ForWomen section access facts, hotlines, event listings, and important links to other sites.
In our adult-run media landscape, critically and politically thinking feminist girls and women, and lesbian, queer and transgender youth from around the globe express their voices without being censored or ridiculed in self-made, independent zines that we put together, publish and distribute ourselves where we freely unfold our own worlds. In zines such as Bendita (Brazil), Bitch (U.S.), Clit Rocket (Italy), good girl (Canada), Grrrl:Rebel (Malaysia), Pink Punkies (Argentina), and Pretty Ugly (Australia), we talk about our experiences and thoughts, as well as anger and resistance of growing up in a patriarchal and homophobic society. While forming a global network of grrrl zinesters, we passionately discuss feminist theory, politics and activism and their impact on our lives.
An excellent woman's site, here you will find resources, health, business, articles, e-mail, and activism.

The International Council of Crones and Grandmothers (ICCG)
The site's purpose is to "teach, empower, and support women in the process of aging with awareness, wisdom, and creativity."

The International Women's Writing Guild
IWWG is a network for the personal and professional empowerment of women through writing. For the past 20 years it has engendered and supported the joyful camaraderie that comes from shared interests of a woman's writing community. It is open to any woman regardless of portfolio.

Jacquelyn Brown - Troubadour Harpist
Jacquelyn Brown is a singer/songwriter who is, "spiritual in sound and mood," a practitioner of harp therapy and an artist in residence. At her site you will find a discography, reviews of Jacquelyn's two releases and a biography of her widely varied interests and achievements. This is a truly enjoyable stop on the Web!

Making Face, Making Soul
Welcome! Making Face, Making Soul is a site by, for, and about Chicanas, meaning women of Mexican descent in the United States. This site contains a variety of resources ranging from short biographies of Chicanas, to Chicana poetry and literature, cultural resources, academic resources, otras chicanas on the 'net, and more...

A Woman's Directory, this excellent site provides net resources including discussion forums, reviews of books, music, and film, directories of women's businesses, an Internet Guide, Career Services, and much more.

Power the Vote
The League of Women Voters and The Ladies' Home Journal present here for you "the only election Web site especially for women." They include a voters' guide, allow you to register to vote, consider the candidates up close, and also have their magazine, Ladies' Home Journal, on line at this site.

Radiance Magazine: The Magazine for Large
An excellent stop on the Internet highway, this is the very special Web site of Radiance magazine, a magazine designed for larger ladies. Since its inception, Radiance has grown to become on of the leading sources of support, information, and inspiration to a multitude of women, including those in the worldwide Size Acceptance Movement. Each quarterly edition profiles dynamic large women from all walks of life, and also includes interesting articles on health media fashion and politics.

The Sage Within
Pleasure is presented to many when at each solstice Kay Stoner publishes this very fine internet electronic magazine "for spiritual women to connect about spiritual experiences."

Veteran Feminists of America
VFA is a nonprofit organization for veterans of the second wave of the feminist movement, 1963-1973. The goals are to enjoy the camaraderie forged during those years of intense commitment, to honor ourselves and our heroes, to document our history, to rekindle the spark and spirit of the feminist revolution and act as keeper of the flame so that the ideals of feminism continue to reverberate and influence others.

Web - Grrls
Produced by net working women on the Web, this newly redesigned internet site has an excellent search engine for female-oriented links.

Woman Motorist
The first free automotive car and motor sports magazine for women is found here. It contains information about racing, cars, reviews maintenance, and links.

Womyn of Beauty And Temptation is a resource page for bisexual women. It is produced by the women who do WomBat, which is "an e-mail list specifically for bisexual women, but any woman is allowed to join". Only a few listservs are included, but they are very well annotated.

Women in Canadian History
An excellent historical Internet stop. Presented here is an award for the Woman of the Week, discussion of Canadian women of note, history trivia questions, quotations, and recommended books.

Women Connect Asia
Rosemary Brisco, of Brisco Publishing Services in Singapore, provides this special site to aid networking between business women working in Asia.

Women and Gender-Related Electronic Forums
This site contains an extensive (annotated!) collection of listservers that cover a wide range of women's issues.

Women in Music
Another exciting Kay Stoner project, Women In Music With Laney Goodman comes to you via the Public Radio Satellite System, informing you when and where you can hear Women in Music.

Women in Technology International
WITI's mission is to increase the number of women hired and promoted to management and executive level positions, help women become more technology literate and financially independent, and to encourage young women to choose careers in technology and science.

Women's History
Edited by Ken Middleton, this guide to the Middle Tennessee State University Library includes bibliographies, scholar's book links, and encyclopedias, as well as networking with other historians in the field of Women's Studies.

The Women's Page at the Social Cafe
This page focuses on women's issue and resources on the Internet. The numerous features include an interactive women's forum, a listing of links that deal with women's issues/resources, and women's sports.

Women's Studies
An excellent site, Women's Studies presents information on women's resources, employment, government documents, bibliographies, and includes a reading room and search facilities.

Women's Studies Program, University of Manitoba
Information about the program, the faculty, and the course offerings is found at this excellent Internet site.

Women's Wire
From the female angle, Women's Wire contains news, reviews, features, opinion pieces, fashion, beauty, food, business, arts, career information, health, politics, weddings, and much more.

Women'space: The Canadian Women's Guide to the Internet
Women'space aims to promote accessibility to the Internet, its tools, information, and resources; enhance the effectiveness of women's organizing through national and global connections; bring global online resources to local community actions; support the exchange of ideas and experiences amongst women and women's groups.

I am woman, hear me roar. . . okay, maybe not roar, but some great discussions on women and various subjects in regard to women are offered here! Give or read views on an assortment of themes that we, as women, find most important in our lives today. Anything from politics to health concerns of women are up for discussion. They also showcase artist and writers and have an open forum on what you have to say about their work.

An exemplary woman's Internet site, featured here are contents, contact, and commerce for Women on the Web.

WOW: Women Online Worldwide
"Celebrating the spirit of womankind," this online site provides a myriad of information, including spirituality, politics,business, arts, and entertainment.

An interesting Internet stop, WWWomen presents news, arts and entertainment, computers, government resources, personal time, health and history.