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Africa: Archaeology & Anthropology
With great Internet resources, a large section of intriguing hyperlinks are to be found here , as well as The Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists , a volunteer project to aid in communication between scholars from around the world. Here anthropology is taken in its widest sense, including scholars in the physical and social sciences, as well as the humanities.

American Library Association
At this web site you may browse the ALA's print and electronic products, or their upcoming events and conferences, or among a rich collection of usable links. The ALA offers professional support through active national programs in legislation, intellectual freedom, standards, research, technology, and more.

American Museum of Natural History
This great educational resource site has information about museum exhibitions and the gift shop, as well as the history of ancient life forms and dinosaurs.

Art, History, Culture and Science Museums
An extremely large and excellent database of information concerning almost any type of museum imaginable is to be found at this special spot.

Asian Arts
"The on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia," this wonderful site has an excellent array of sites and virtual exhibits.

Avalon - Arthurian Heaven
Chris Thornborrow has produced this award winning site of Arthurian legends. A beautiful site, you will learn everything you always wanted to know about Camelot's King Arthur.

British Museum
The spectacular site of the famed British Museum in London presents its collection highlights, calendar of events, news, exhibitions, and their education program.

This extraordinarily fine site about Byzantine Studies contains a Gallery, Sylabi, Software, Course Outlines, Texts, and Links to other fine academic stops on the Internet.

The Central Intelligence Agency
This Internet stop is the official site of the United States Government's Central Intelligence Agency.

Centre George Pompidou
A glorious wealth of exhibits, organizations, activities and resources for any enthusiast of the arts is found at this spectacular site.

Chicago Tribune
Here you will find Chicago's most famous newspaper.

China Room
China the Beautiful is "the home page for five thousand years of Chinese cultural heritage." This spectacular site includes information and illustrations about calligraphy, painting, galleries, Emperors, classics, poetry, history, dragons, museums, scholars, sages, seals, and contains many links to other lovely places on the World Wide Web.

Cybrary of the Holocaust
This important Internet site deals with Holocauset which was caused by the German Reich during World War II. It's purpose is to make sure that the six million Jewish people killed there are never forgotten. Remembrance hopefully will prevent a replay of this horror.

Eighteenth Century Studies
A five star Internet stop. This beautiful site presents teh works of Wordsworth, Pushkin, Voltaire, William Blake, Boucher, Robert Burns, Dryden, and Kant, as well as information on the French Monarchy and special mailing lists for those scholars interested in Eighteenth Century Studies.

Find Law - Internet Legal Resources
An astounding amount of information on the law, reviews, law schools, subjects, resources, attorneys' firms, forms, and employment, as well as a bookstore, are to be found at this superior site. (U.S.A.)

Fly A Flag For Tibet
Here you are presented with the statement of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as well as the background and history of the political and spiritual fight for Tibet and information about how you can help support Tibet.

The Getty Gateway
The J. Paul Getty Trust is an operating foundation dedicated to the visual arts and the humanities. The foundation owns and operates a marvelous museum, five institutes, and a grant program to preserve the world's art and cultural history.

The Great Egyptian Pyramids
A most exciting NOVA on-line presentation on the Great Pyramids of Ancient Egypt is found here. It gives you the opportunity to explore the chambers and passageways fo the Great Pyramid, and to learn about the pharaohs for whom these monumental tombs were built. You are sure to enjoy this incredible journey!

Greek Museums, Archaelogy, and Monuments
At this Internet stop you find the Hellenic Ministry of Culture site. Included is information concerning Athens, Crete, the Peloponnese, Ionian Islands, Thessaly, Macedonia, Epirus, Aegean, islands, Thrace, Sterea, and Hellas.

Griffith Observatory
This is the fascinating site of Los Angeles' famous Griffith Observatory where you are treated to a tour and information about their Hall of Science, Planetarium Theatre, telescopes, special events, book shop, the sky sights, and programs, as well as their journal and astro clubs.

H-GIG Genealogy
Horus' World Wide Web Links to History Resources Genealogy is a well-organized collection of genealogy hyperlinks, including a place to register WWW sites by surname, Family Periodical and Surname Publications Directories, Non-U.S. Genealogical Sources / Services, World Family Tree Project, and a great deal of general help.

Harvard University Museums
The Harvard Museums include the Museum of Cultural and Natural History, the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, the Museum of Comparable Zoology, the Visual Arts, Geological, Botanical, Semitic, Anatomical, and Art Museums, the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, the Arboretum, and the Herbaria. A map of all the museums is provided, as well as descriptions.

Hillman Wonders
Hillman Wonders has been visited by more than two million travelers from 184 countries. The website has been widely praised for its content, professionalism and editorial integrity.
Today, the impartial Hillman Wonders list has grown into the world’s most comprehensive, best-researched wonder listing. It now embraces the world’s top 1000 wonders.

Internal Revenue Service
The IRS states that their Internet site is "to provide broad and immediate access to IRS tax information and services."

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
This excellent Sourcebook from Fordham University presents a fine list of links as well as a Medieval Studies course including the Crusades, Papacy, Italian Renaissance, and Medieval Spiritual Writing.

The Japanese Sword
This is the site of The Japanese Sword (Nihonto), with deft descriptions of its history, terminology, care of sword and its mounts (tsuba), and an Oshigata library of sword tang rubbings. Links are also provided to sites about Japanese history and martial arts, as well as to other sites concerning these special swords. Presented are listings and contacts for sword study groups worldwide, references, and dealers.

Law at the WWW Virtual Library
Maintained by the Law School at the University of Indiana, here you will find information on all different facets of the law, journals, firms, law schools, and organizations.

Legal Info Institute at Cornell U.
This extremely complete Internet stop presents legal history, recent Supreme Court decisions, all legal topics and its aspects of current interest, as well as a place to search for court decisions.

Library of Congress
Here you may learn all about the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., its catalogs, exhibitions, copyrights, library services, and much more.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
The great Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is wonderful, as is the site it presents to the internet which includes their famous collections, calendar, news of the art world, information about the museum, their memberships, and the ware they have in the gift shop.

Musee du Louvre
One of the most famous museums of art in the world, the magnificent Louvre in Paris presents a five star Internet site which includes the palace collections, a tour of the museum, and information about their publications.

Myth and Legend from Ancient Times To The Space Age
You will find everything about myths and legends here from cryptozoology to folklore to pirates to ufos and vampires.

Myths and Legends
This is an exceptional five star site, world wide and divided by culture and location, which includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, archives, collections, commentary, miscellany, creatures, and horror, as well as early fantasy and science fiction.

NASA Astronauts Biographies
This fascinating NASA site presents the biographies of the American Astronauts, as well as data conerning their missions, payloads, shuttle crews, and flight crews.

National Geographic
This is the famous National Geographic magazine online site.

The Net of Gems: Joseph Campbell
This official Joseph Campbell Website discusses his fine writings and features mythological round tables, projects, memberships, and a reading room.

Net Law
The Law Firm of Faegre and Benson provides valuable information about hot new legal topics, internet legal issues, and other resources. (U.S.A.)

New Orleans Virtual Library
The four star rating which "insites" bestowed on this site says "This page is like a breath of fresh air; like getting the local New Orleans paper delivered electronically." Presented are news, music, mardi gras, concerts, sports, tv, lottery, weather, and much more.

Parascope's Freedom of Information Help Center
This on-line guide explains the foia and presents a fola-matic request and appeal generator.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country
A most interesting site. Here you can learn all about the Amish people, their covered bridges, quilts, and quilting. The towns of Lancaster and Strasburg are discussed at length, including data about their lodging, dining, weather, events, attractions, business and shopping.

Perseus Project
Tufts University presents this fine evolving digital library concerning art and archaeology and containing search tools, coin data bases, mailing lists, as well as soft ware.

Plaza del Sol
This site describes the Indigenous cultures of the Americas, including commerical, informational, historical sites featuring Native Americas of the Northern and Arctic regions, Indian cultures of the present day U.S.A., as well as Aztec, Incan, Mayan, and more.

Search Project Bartelby
Columbia University in New York City provides the Internet with this excellent site upon which to make literary searches.

Smithsonian Home Pages
This site will lead you on the path to learning all about the famed Smithsonian Museum, its exhibits, shops, events, resources, and memberships.

Presented at The Sportsline are the complete game scores, news, radio roundups, fantasy baseball, contests, odds and analysis, as well as Shaq World and all the latest about the superstars.

Texas University Libraries
"Sharing a world of information," at the Texas University stie you will have access to all their fine services, resources, and catalogs. One of the best libraries in the world, here you may spend many a pleasurable hours.

Tibetan Studies
The World Wide Web Virtual Library presents this excellent Internet guide to Tibetan Studies, including the country, its politics and religion, the Dalai Lama, and more.

This tomb was discovered in 1964 in the necropolis of Saqqara when archaeologists conducted a series of probes into the causeway of Unas, where a series of rock-cut chambers were then discovered. When archaeologists began restoration work, it was found that certain blocks had been appropriated in ancient times from a Mastaba connected to the rock-cut chambers. This led to the revelation that this tomb had been built for two men who shared identical titles in the palace of King Niusere of the Fifth Dynasty: "Overseer Of The Manicurists In The Palace Of The King.

Presenting all the News on the Net all the Time, this site has a unique way of linking to various other News media sites throughout the Net; and TotalNEWS lets you browse without ever losing your place.

U.S. Department of Education - On-Line Resources
An excellent site, the World Lecture Hall presents educational on-line services such as the Kids Web, the Exploratorium: museum of science and art, the Math Forum, the Global School Net, and the Internet Public Library Project.

U.S. Government Printing Office Publications Reference -Claitor's
Here is a listing of the catalog of titles available, containing information on some 14,000 in-stock and 14,000 out-of-print titles. Publications offered can be searched alphabetically by title, stock number, catalog number, or by source agency. They also offer books U.S. citizens traveling to foreign countries, cookbooks, genealogy books, travel books, Louisiana regional books, horticulture/gardening books and retirement books.

Virtual Sites
This is an excellent Web Surfer's Guide of over 150 helpful pages pointing to 3,000 Sites. It includes sites for the Internet, Shareware, Web Cameras, FreeStuff, Search Engines, tours for Museums, the World plus over 1,000 Reference Locations, and the Virtual World of Spies and Intelligence. The focus is on Strong Content and the Goal is to provide information to enhance your journey on the internet.

Web Museum
Here, as if by magic, you can "visit some of the world's most famous museums and browse through their works of art" to your heart's content.

World Art Treasures
Many exquisite treasures are to be found at the five star site of the Berger Foundation, which contains Vermeers, gardens of the Renaissance, Botticellis, and many other beautiful art objects.

World Wide Arts Resources
Lovers of creativity must not miss this spectacular blue ribbon Internet site with many, many resources.

World Wide Legal Information Association
Presented here is legal information pretaning to the USA and to Canada. Included is a legal dictionary, data on crime prevention, police station, international legal news, directories of practicing attorneys, and the Legal Who's Who.

Yale University Art Gallery
The beautiful site of the art gallery at famed Yale University presents the highlights of their permanent collection, as well as their calendar of vents and general information about the gallery.