Letters to the Editor

October 2001
Canadian Women's Internet Directory

We wanted to let you know that a link to http://www.moondance.org/ under the category "Spirituality" has been has been included in the newly launched Canadian Women's Internet Directory at http://directory.womenspace.ca.
To check whether your resource has been linked in more than a single category, please use the search tool provided on the site.
The Canadian Women's Internet Directory links users with Canadian women's equality resources online. The directory connects organizational and individual sites promoting awareness of women's equality issues, debates, campaigns, activism, creativity, services, research and policy issues.
The Canadian Women's Internet Directory is a resource created by Womenspace Association, with support from Status of Women Canada.
Web Manager
The Canadian Women's Internet Directory
Editor's Note:On behalf of MOONDANCE.org I send my thanks for including our site in such a prestigious location in the Canadian Women's Internet Directory.
MOONDANCE.org is committed to promoting the awareness, and diversity of women. Listing us under your Spiritual Category makes it that much more special.
Best of luck with your new Directory!

September 2001
Moondance Submissions

My name is Marianne MacRae, and I was wondering about writing a short story for your magazine. How would I go about doing this, and would I be payed for it? (I hope that doesnt sound too cheeky!) I have an idea of what I am going to write, and I am browsing magazine companies, to see which sounds the best.
Editor's Note: MOONDANCE is a non-paying site. We welcome submissions of all types. Please check our Directory to see the appropriate Section to send your story whenever you are ready.
As far as the "cheeky" goes: cheeky, especially cheeky with a smile, can open doors sometimes! Now, get that pen and paper, and get some writing in to us! (That, I consider to be cheeky! =;D )

September 2001
Subject: Thank You

I can't thank you enough for this web site. I visit Moondance often when I just want to escape my world. I find myself reading the same materials over and over again. I can't get enough. Thanks a million.
My donation is forthcoming.
Editor's Note: Your enthusiasm and enjoyment of MOONDANCE exemplifies it's existence! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We love to hear such great things from our readers.