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Heavy Fog Hangs Over Split Rail Fences in Early Morning

Heavy Fog Hangs Over Split Rail Fences in Early Morning

Once red sentinels:
tree titans of sylvan peace
reduced to two blocks of wood…
(we) communing in whispers
mouthpiece of wind
Time split us cleanly:
With the blinding light
o’ His blade ever dim?
She and I
sitting on a split rail fence
–no pioneer past
to pack a pipe
and smoke about
by stout men, with sun-
etched crows’ feet,
coveting their contemplative
chin-scratching, pea-
cock posturing
and broad
cowboy stances
in the dust
In this Dust
of the Land
that wind-whispers
our names
long after the men’s pipes
have been fossilized
in the bowels
of Mother Earth

Author’s Bio:

Originally from a small town in woodsy West Virginia, Gloria Wimberley now lives in South Florida where the eyeshine of gators, and plumbago are plentiful. Her work has appeared in Literary Mama, The Northern Virginia Review, Clockwise Cat, Tapestry, and elsewhere. A poem also appeared in Mothering Magazine, under the pseudonym Mirandah Thorn.

24 comments to Sequoias

  • Tobias Gryphon

    Awesome poem that rocks!!!! As a male reader, I appreciate
    not only the vibrant imagery, but the core message.
    Will check out your Dahlias blog too since other
    posters have said good things about it.
    –Peace, Tobias

  • Nan Ezekiel

    Lovely, vibrant poem that also packs an intellectual punch
    with its wry observations.

    ***Also, congrats on being
    the FEATURED POET (March 2011)
    for Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House
    in Los Angeles!!

    –All the best, Nan

  • Chrystine Wakefield

    Love “Sequoias”…esp. the last few powerful lines of the poem.
    Yr “Party Hat in the Beak” poem about the
    dark side of birthdays on yr Dahlias blog is truly cool–
    and sooooooo true!

    Keep up the magical work, Chrystine

  • Ashlyn Cruz

    Really dig this poem…the theme is timeless,
    and the imagery is unique & unusual…
    I love the wordplay throughout.
    Read yr blogsite (Dahlias…)
    often. Cheers, Ash

  • Rm6re]

    Great post! I’ll be sure to add a link to this article…

  • Calla Lily Britt

    This poem resonates with me–love the
    visceral imagery…also love
    your Dahlias.&.a.Chocolate Typewriters blogsite
    of poetry, etc. on LiveJournal.
    Look forward to the next poetic post.

  • Dean Threets

    Hey s1rbvv, very interesting post, it really got me thinking. Thank you. buog8

  • Cirela

    I just added your page to my bookmarks. I like reading your posts. Ty!

  • Debra Reinoehl

    really enjoying this blog, and hope this, as well as the excellent article some other people have written, will help somebody

  • Quiet one

    Long time reader, first time commenting. I like this.

  • I so much enjoy this poem that I find myself reading it again and again and each time I am decipher something new. Something so reachable, and yet so unexplainable that makes me wish to be part of that beautiful picture. In a small way I am.

    Thank you Mrs. Gloria for Sequoias.


  • HV

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  • Jocuri

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  • paracuru

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    • ~ Gloria Wimberley ~

      ~~ Hi All,

      Thanks for your kind comments; I genuinely appreciate them!
      I’m thrilled to learn when readers enjoy my off-beat
      poetry in their own unique way.
      When you have a sec, please check out my
      still-evolving blogsite of poetry, etc.
      the page design is by the talented artist Tiffany Chow,
      who has a fine web-presence to check out, when
      you have another sec.
      ~~Best, Gloria :)

  • Szalankiewicz

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  • Claudia Childress

    Gloria your work is really quite beautiful…I am really impressed.

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