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The Birthday Party

Waiting For the Party by Antonio Sgarbossa

Waiting For the Party by Antonio Sgarbossa

Before answering the door

you’ll know to turn one more time,

having come this way before.

There, at the threshold,

you breathe the winds of both frontiers,

the one behind, the one ahead,

and know the difference between

day and night, the line that separates

the shoulder and the road.

Here, you attend to the compass

in your heart, and draw

your line to the moon.

Turn now, turn until you

loosen all the secrets for this year,

the ones in the shoes you’ll step

out of soon, the ones still

in your child’s closets.

Yours is the long and certain turn

through sorrow and joy,

the revolution and the rhythm

of the lean into life.

Standing on your mirrors,

you will see the bottoms

of your soles, and understand

your arms for what they hold.

For what they hold

are your secrets on the moon.

And your friends will come and

gather at the window,

watching you dance

before answering the door,

marking the rhythm, noting the turns,

and leaning together, hand-in-hand, into life.

Author’s Bio:

Richard Spuler, Ph.D., is a senior lecturer in German at the Center for the Study of Languages at Rice University MS-36 in Houston, Texas. Spuler’s writings have appeared in numerous literary magazines.

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