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Westercheck Girl aka my student, Wendy

Little Girls Face Next to Classroom Chairs

Little Girl's Face Next to Classroom Chairs

On an ordinary day
in my
otherwise docile classroom
the calm ends
as the familiar storm
air perfumed purple, as with lilacs
swirls darkly into being:
Westercheck girl
drumming up
drama with
her tattoed
and angry
calla lily of a face
…defensively cutting
others with her
shardsharp words
in discussion…in argument…in passing
never mincing or wincing
~or waning in strength
in her feckless quest (to matter)
reckless unrest
to the cosmic lake o’ sip
in the jagged pool
of her soul
Wordlessly, breathlessly
~spent from the effort of it all
she touches
such a reflection
with fingers of brine

Author’s Bio:

Originally from a small town in woodsy West Virginia, Gloria Wimberley now lives in South Florida where the eyeshine of gators, and plumbago are plentiful. Her work has appeared in Literary Mama, The Northern Virginia Review, Clockwise Cat, Tapestry, and elsewhere. A poem also appeared in Mothering Magazine, under the pseudonym Mirandah Thorn.

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