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The Empress

"The Empress" by Susanna Viale

"The Empress" by Susanna Viale

Without her I would be
a particle of dust
settling on a concrete slab.

Instead, the handle turns.
Mauve doors open upon mauve doors
opening into gardens.

First, the sparrow and the dove.
Then, her forehead radiant
from the garland of twelve stars.

She is present, always
in the powdered sky.
Pregnant with thrones,

I move within her too, know
that I am also wing.

Teach me, torch-bearer,
grant me passage.



Author’s Bio:

Clara Blackwood is a Toronto-based poet and professional Tarot reader. Her first poetry collection, Subway Medusa (2007), was the inaugural book in Guernica Editions’ First Poets Series, which features first books by poets thirty-five and under. Her poetry has appeared in such journals as the Hart House Review, Misunderstandings Magazine, Quills, Rampike, Carousel, and the UK magazine Dream Catcher. She holds a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. Clara is currently completing a second book of poetry. In addition, the chapbook Arcana is scheduled for publication in 2011 with Aeolus House. Arcana will feature tarot artwork alongside poems. She is the assistant poetry editor of Moondance Magazine.

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