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Cardinal Musings

Northern Cardinal, New Braunfels, Hill Country, Texas, USA

Northern Cardinal, New Braunfels, Hill Country, Texas, USA

Your crimson vestment
can’t be camouflaged,
like sparrows,
by lush greenery,

my stubborn
and elusive muse.
At daily Matins,
I seek you out

beg your vermilion
sun to cross my path,
follow your
chant, more spiritual

than fire-and-
brimstone sermons of
mitered men, vents
for the Holy Ghost.

Only Your spirit
breathes inspiration,
confirms me,
enlightens my soul.

Fiery tongue –
you leave me breathless,
fitful stirrings
of a poem in reach.

Words orbit me like
vultures. I sing their
chorus, stop their flight.
Your holy scribe, I

transcribe them
first, verbatim, then
adorn the page
with one red bird.



Author’s Bio:
Linda Simone’s poetry has appeared in numerous anthologies and journals, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Recent publications include poems in Assisi, Cyclamens and Swords, and in the anthology Lavanderia; others are forthcoming in Assisi and in the anthology, Wait a Minute: I Have to Take Off my Bra. Her chapbook, Cow Tippers, won the Shadow Poetry Chapbook Competition.

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