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Corvus Triolet

Crow Perching Against Stormy Sky

Crow Perching Against Stormy Sky

Today the yard is full of crows,
their voices ragged scraps of pain,
their blackness stark against the snow.
Today this yard that’s full of crows
reminds me still that grief is slow,
it comes again like a refrain.
Today’s backyard is full of crows,
their caws, their scratchy rasps of pain.



Author’s Bio:
Barbara Crooker’s books are Radiance, winner of the 2005 Word Press First Book Award and finalist for the 2006 Paterson Poetry Prize; Line Dance (Word Press, 2008), winner of the 2009 Paterson Award for Excellence in Literature; and More (C&R Press, 2010). Her poems appear in a variety of literary journals and many anthologies, including Good Poems for Hard Times (Garrison Keillor, editor)(Viking Penguin) and the Bedford Introduction to Literature.

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