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Pet Rat

An Ivory Netsuke of a Rat

An Ivory Netsuke of a Rat

In his pocket he keeps
a rat,
small to him
but monstrous
moving across your
spotless kitchen floor.

He calls his rat
and feeds it
crackers, cheese,
and apple pieces
from his many snacks.

In school he
strokes Jack’s
squirming back
when the teacher asks
for facts
he doesn’t know.

Later, a gift
of Gouda pinched
between two fingers,
he reaches in his pocket
but Jack
is gone.

He searches the house,
the school, the garbage
cans overflowing
in the alley,
but none of the rats
is Jack.



Author’s Bio:
Judith Laura is author of She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother and Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century, as well as two novels. Her poetry and short fiction have been published in a variety of journals including Pudding, Mid America Poetry Review, Pedestal, Poetica, Poemeleon, and Facets, and in anthologies including Prayers to Protest (Pudding House), Not What I Expected (Paycock) and A Pagan’s Muse (Kensington/Citadel). For more about her writing, visit

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