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Sandbars Create an Interesting Pattern Along the Shoreline

Sandbars Create an Interesting Pattern Along the Shoreline

“As the season of believing seems to wind down let me gently remind you that many dreams still wait in the wings. Many authentic sparks must be fanned before passion performs her perfect work in you. Throw another log on the fire.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Each of us has our season of believing, and each of us watches it surge and ebb, wax and wane. Discouraging to feel it wane, isn’t it? But know it is temporary. We can nurture ourselves back to the rising tide of creative enjoyment by first creating a place for innovation our hearts and our environment. Step by step, we can lead ourselves back to our depths from which creation rises from chaos, beauty from bane.

Creation is a path meant to transcend the everyday experience and find meaningful new ideas. The articles in this section are meant to inspire you and urge you forward toward achieving your creative dreams. Enjoy.

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