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Pet Rat

An Ivory Netsuke of a Rat

In his pocket he keeps a rat, small to him but monstrous moving across your spotless kitchen floor.

He calls his rat Jack and feeds it crackers, cheese, and apple pieces from his many snacks.

In school he strokes Jack’s squirming back when the teacher asks for facts [...]


Endangered Family

Doe in the Monastery Garden, 1912

Sun and shadow dapple your sleek brown back as you move gracefully across my lawn down near the brook bordering the woods.

Munching vines, your young one looks up at you but your eyes stray to your antlered mate over in the next yard. He signals so you [...]


The Deer at Dawn


First light and the deer come floating Down from the ridge and across the yard. Through mist that trails like smoke Across the fields of snow. Now and then their heads rise out of the fog And look around. They know there is food here somewhere Beneath the mounds of worn down snow. [...]


Cardinal Musings

Northern Cardinal, New Braunfels, Hill Country, Texas, USA

Your crimson vestment can’t be camouflaged, like sparrows, by lush greenery,

my stubborn and elusive muse. At daily Matins, I seek you out

beg your vermilion sun to cross my path, follow your chant, more spiritual

than fire-and- brimstone sermons of mitered men, vents for the [...]


Corvus Triolet

Crow Perching Against Stormy Sky

Today the yard is full of crows, their voices ragged scraps of pain, their blackness stark against the snow. Today this yard that’s full of crows reminds me still that grief is slow, it comes again like a refrain. Today’s backyard is full of crows, their caws, their scratchy [...]


For Amenhotep, Tiger Cat, Found Dead By The Roadside

Portrait of a Cat

The hit in the gut, seeing your body, there, by the road, stiff: the grey & white fur, the moustache mouth, but the cat’s gone out of you: no arching curves, no mid-air twists, just angles now. Paw stalker, hunter of mice, preserver of property lines, cat of high howls, [...]


Elegy For Sasha

White Cat on Cushion

You know, I loved you beyond reason, for you were love in fur. As a kitten, you were more dog than cat, chasing foil balls, pouncing on your shadow in the hallway. You guarded my second baby like a lion, licked my hand with sand when the first one died.



Finding Sanctuary in Everyday Hours

Perhaps sanctuary is a gift in childhood that must be pursued again in later life once we question assumptions about the importance of attending to daily tasks. [...]


Come Back with Your Shield

His face and eyes radiate tranquil happiness. Pride. Satisfaction. Paused in the pilot’s seat, he appears to be tucking the memories of this essential day into a deep, sacred place. [...]


The Temple of the Subway Goddess by Carolyn Lee Boyd

What happens when a goddess touches your life? It is a question the reader absorbs as she reflects upon her own life. The Temple of the Subway Goddess [...]