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The water was now at her neck and for the first time in her life she wished she was taller. She prayed and thanked Jesus for the moon, for enough light to see just a bit ahead of her, but feared too all this light might give her away. As if Jesus heard her concern, the moon would occasionally hide behind the clouds, leaving her in such darkness she would extend her hands as far as she could hoping to touch the end of the river, the invisible, unimaginable other side. [...]

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Many times during my life I’ve changed location, moving from one side of the country to the opposite, south to north, most recently back south. Each change of place presents challenges, yet I eventually conclude, “This is where I belong for now.”

In recent years I’ve wondered how different the experiences of patriarchs and heroes [...]

Walking Cemetery

I wouldn’t want to wear out our welcome in this place where gray headstones stand silent sentry over buried loved ones. [...]

Common Courage

There may be a few people in today’s world who can claim a constant lineage of over-privileged ancestors, of those who never had to do anything except eat, sleep, and procreate. Most of us across the globe, though, are alive because our ancestors had the courage to carry on. [...]


Tender Passion by Talantbek Chekirov

Stretching to meet him in blueshale shadows black lines chalky edges ~dimension dalliances as I swallow



Heavy Fog Hangs Over Split Rail Fences in Early Morning

Once red sentinels: tree titans of sylvan peace reduced to two blocks of wood… (we) communing in whispers mouthpiece of wind Time split us cleanly: With the blinding light o’ His blade ever dim? She and I sitting on a split rail fence –no [...]

Westercheck Girl aka my student, Wendy

Little Girl's Face Next to Classroom Chairs

On an ordinary day in my otherwise docile classroom the calm ends as the familiar storm air perfumed purple, as with lilacs swirls darkly into being: Westercheck girl drumming up drama with her tattoed pupils and angry


The Birthday Party

Waiting For the Party by Antonio Sgarbossa

Before answering the door

you’ll know to turn one more time,

having come this way before.

There, at the threshold,

you breathe the winds of both frontiers,

the one behind, the one ahead,

and know the difference between

day and night, the line that separates

the shoulder [...]

Number Twenty-Two

Various Patients in Waiting Room of a Health Clinic

Your attention please. There is no spitting here. Take a number and a chair.

Will the old woman in the red blouse and gray wool skirt lower her voice.

There is no saving of seats. Will the two women fighting for a chair report to [...]

Sonnenizio for Soledad

Twenty-Seventh Avenue by Carol Jessen

In night when colors all to black are cast, and fishermen have cast their nets–corvina, conger eel, pejerrey on ice–and the last cast of diners slipped into hotels, Soledad casts eyes on the countryside, shadowy-cast.