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The Temple of the Subway Goddess by Carolyn Lee Boyd

What happens when a goddess touches your life? It is a question the reader absorbs as she reflects upon her own life. The Temple of the Subway Goddess [...]

Halfway To California

Feel Good IV

I fly United Airlines to California. As the plane lifts, we crest buildings and trees and hills. A three-story brick school building that could hold hundreds of students becomes the size of a postage stamp, then finally disappears. I wish the memory of Patty would also disappear, at least for awhile.


Obit Weary

The Writer

It is sixteen minutes to eight in the morning and the dead cannot wait. You would imagine they have all the time in the (other) world, to twiddle their thumbs (or what remains), to adjust to their new permanent situation, luxuriating in the certainty of having eternity languidly stretching ahead. You would [...]

The Man From the Circus



No-one stayed at home that night. I’d lived on the island for seventeen years, and I didn’t remember the circus ever coming to Skye before.

I had stepped out for a cigarette halfway through the girl-on-the-pony show. I liked the idea of the girl-on-the-pony show, but the reality of it depressed me. [...]