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Chaos-To-Go: Life as a Holy Speck in an Infinite Messiness

Chaos is not new. In fact, the idea of chaos is ancient and, in many traditions, is envisioned as a woman, or, more precisely, a goddess [...]

The Temple of the Subway Goddess by Carolyn Lee Boyd

What happens when a goddess touches your life? It is a question the reader absorbs as she reflects upon her own life. The Temple of the Subway Goddess [...]

Clothing Our Spirits in Feathers and Ashes

From the earliest times until recent millennia, clothes have been symbols of women’s spiritual, political, and cultural authority. [...]

Do You See Your Face in the Mirror of the Sun?

Early spring is a perfect time to change from our old winter selves to new spring beings; the glistening snow that turned to brown slush is ready to melt into groundwater the quenches the seeds of blossoming selves. [...]

Walking An Ancient Path by Karen Tate

The Temple of Isis

Imagine yourself within the sacred chambers of Sekhmet in Egypt or beside the temple of Isis in Pompey. This is the journey Karen Tate shares with her reader as she travels amid the ruins that once glorified the goddesses in a lifelong quest to meld with the sacred feminine.

“Months and [...]