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River Stones

When does the green light appear showing us that it’s go-time, when it’s the right time to allow us to begin the inevitable un-tethering we must do from our own child? [...]

Seasons: Ten Lessons in Transitions

After three years of discussing our future, we decide rooting our family in one place is far more natural than moving with the Navy in turns of two to three years. [...]

Chaos-To-Go: Life as a Holy Speck in an Infinite Messiness

Chaos is not new. In fact, the idea of chaos is ancient and, in many traditions, is envisioned as a woman, or, more precisely, a goddess [...]

Retirement Fund

Overlook Cafe II by Sung Kim

She pores over the stock report in the business pages the way I devoured Siddhartha when I was her age, reading between the lines for clues to the meaning of life. “Should I buy Wal-Mart shares? Or do you think Pier One has more potential for…Mom?”

I glance [...]