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The Gift Horse

“Let me show you the rest of the herd. There’s some real beauties waiting for good homes,” Wanda softly cajoled and stepped over to the display window. There, in a thin layer of aquarium sand mixed with bits of straw, stood the remaining figurines, some grazing, others prancing or standing at attention, their transparent little ears pointed alertly upward. The woman stared at the pastoral scene for a good minute, her lips moving as if in prayer. Wanda slipped back behind the counter and patiently watched. Finally, the woman turned and approached with tears pooling in her eyes. [...]

Magic Happened This Summer

Time stood still. Was this the moment I had prayed for? [...]

As Crumbs from the Apron

Though I grew up with him, I know little about my dad. I know he lost a brother at an early age. I know he majored in history at college and hoped to become a teacher. I know that he likes engineering challenges. His emotions, however, remain a mystery. [...]

To The Body

She enters, locates a bench in the shade and immediately starts arguing with herself: I shouldn’t see him again. But I’m attracted to him. So why do I keep pulling back? ‘Cause I always pull back. But he could be dangerous. Or crazy. But… [...]